Olsen Breet is our in-house Financial Expert at EasyPolicyLoans, with more than a decade of writing for various finance companies in the UK. He has got this knack for turning even the trickiest money matters into something we can get our heads around. Before he started sharing his wisdom here, Olsen was playing with big numbers and advising on loans at a bank. He graduated from University of Glasgow, grabbing a finance degree before jumping into the deep end of the financial pool. Olsen's our go-to guy for making sense of market trends and is always ahead of the curve.

Compelling ways for the improvement of your low credit score

There is no exception that credit score is something that holds the entire impression of a borrower’s borrowing history.

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Robo advisors: Effective usage to manage finance and its limitations

The latest use of technology has gone so far that financial services have become quite handy. On that note, technology has brought the newest...

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How to deal with the challenge of buyer’s Remorses

You have done a great job if you have put your back into closing the deal of a product – especially of an expensive one. All effort you put in cultivating the...

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How can promotional tools ensure the growth of my small business?

The growth of every small business depends on feasible marketing skills. Still, promotional tools are as necessary as anything else.

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Factors to consider before applying for a long term loan

There are different types of borrowing facilities available. A long term loan is one of them.

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Why are debt consolidation loans significant?

Debt consolidation loans are essential because they are the masters of good times and turn the bad times into favorable days.

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How debts are tackled after your demise

Most people have debt throughout their life, which raises a question in mind if their family members will be responsible for paying off their financial obligations.

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What are the most common money mistakes made by students?

Financial fear becomes a reality, especially as a student studying at a university or college. Moreover, most students don’t live with their relatives.

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Ways to continue cash flow even being unemployed

In such a massive population now, it has become almost improbable to get a job. Many cases have been observed where billion people lost their job due to this devastating pandemic Covid-19.

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Which is the best way to get instant financial support?

Financial life has many ups and downs. When it is up, you can accomplish anything. When it is down, you are exposed to the bitter reality of life.

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