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No Days, No Hours, Only Minutes to Get Approved

Are you going through the toughest financial period now? Do you want to fund on the same day? Forget days or hours, get loans in the UK within 15 minutes. EasyPolicyLoans brings the exact for your financial benefits by allowing loan approval on more straightforward terms and conditions.

The online lending process paves the way for a quick approval and that further pushes for the same day loan approval.

Not only for homeowners or tenants, not only for good or bad credit people, not only for employed or unemployed, but we also offer loans for everyone to suit their financial needs and wants. We save your finances, and we save your time too. Approach us because here your desires see the quick implementation.

  • High approval: Want the loan approval on an almost guaranteed basis? You get the same here, as we have 98.5% loan approval rates irrespective of credit history.
  • Prompt & Proper Lending: Whether you want to borrow £1000 or £25000, we work promptly for your financial purposes to ensure proper assistance in tough times.
  • 100% Safe Loan Process: We need your personal details only to know your loan affordability. You can trust us because we respect the privacy of your details.
15-minute loans from direct lenders

Loans for All Needs

No Guarantor Loans No Guarantor Loans

Apply for a loan on your responsibility and reliability. Go for easy loans with no guarantor and be eligible for quick approval with no hassle at all.

Loans For Unemployed Loans For Unemployed

Do not allow your unemployment to affect your finances too much. Keep the cash flow to your bank account by applying for our loans for unemployed.

Bad Credit Loans Bad Credit Loans

Your poor credit record does not make an impact on your current finances. It is time to upgrade it with availing our bad credit loans now.

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An Easy Policy for Easy Money Loan

Unlike traditional lending institutions, there is nothing complicated here in terms of loan eligibility criteria, application procedure and approval. We have digitalised the lending norms, which are convenient for everyone to follow. We present the goodexample of easy-to-get loans from direct lenders.

Our easy lending illustrates three conveniences, which are:

No Guarantor
As being the dependable direct lender in the UK, we do not force anyone to bring a guarantor to get the loan approval. We offer the range of no guarantor loans for people with bad credit scores. The loan approval comes based on borrowers’ income capacity.

No Credit Check
The poor credit scores make people look for the no credit check option. We make the things comfortable for them by performing no or soft credit check process on every loan deal. Not to worry, as your credit profile does not have any footprint of it.

No Broker
Approach us directly with no broker required. Believe on our large online presence all over the UK, and you will get quick approval on both short term loans and long term loans. It saves your time and money besides guarantees early removal of a financial mess.

What to wait for? Submit your loan query right now and get approval within 15 minutes.

Why Only EasyPolicyLoans?

Why Choose Us?

Flexible Amounts

Variety of funding needs demand different amount to borrow. Analyse your income capacity, apply for an apt loan deal and get approval in minutes.

Specialists of Multiple Loans

Consolidate Your Debts

Are you feeling too much burdened with pending debts? Apply for our debt consolidation loans now and merge all the debts after getting approval within 15 minutes.

Your Personal-Cum-Business Funding Partner

Special Financial Aid for Unemployed

We are extra careful about the losing finances of jobless people in the UK. Therefore, we have come up with bespoke deals on unemployed loans available despite benefits.

Construct Long-Term Relationship

Chance to Avail Long Term Funding

EasyPolicyLoans does not only specialise in short term funding but also offer long term loansto fulfil large financial purposes belong to your personal and professionallife.

Available All Days And Weeks

Best Festive Funding

With having the backup of our financial support, you do not have to worry about the festival expenses. We fund those costs and let you enjoy Christmasfreely.

Who can apply?

What Do You Need To Do To Get Loans in Minutes?

Are you worrying about qualifying for the loans? EasyPolicyLoans does the favour for you by offering fee-free advice to ensure the best loan deal. We have a team of experienced loan experts, who know how to make a borrower-friendly loan deal to counter any financial issue.

Here is what you need to do avail instant loans in 10 to 15 minutes approval:-

  • Analyse your prevailing financial condition
  • Do not exceed the borrowing limit unnecessarily
  • Stay at your earning status while applying for the loans
  • Keep the income proof ready to save time
  • Commit to make repayments on time and improve credit scores

How it works

Complete the Application

Complete the Application

Fill the simple onilne form with mandatory details and submit it.

Instant Loan Approval

Instant Loan Approval

Get the guaranteed loan acceptance within a few minutes.

Same Day Funds Transfer

Same Day Funds Transfer

Receive the desired funds to your bank account on the same day.

Best Deals on Bad Credit 15 Minute Cash Loans

Poor credit score becomes an obstacle in getting the loan approved by the lenders. With easy money loan options, we have made everything possible for those with a less-than-perfect credit score. We bring loan approval for them not based on their past credit; instead, the loan approval in 15 minutes is assured on current income status and credit performance.

Here are the top five features of our bad credit loans available in a short time:-

Financial opportunities are there if you positively find them. EasyPolicyLoans invites you to explore our short-term loans and long-term loans whenever you need them.

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