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Get a Loan in 15 Minutes at EasyPolicyLoans

Do you need urgent cash to repair your car? Are you looking for a loan but not on a lengthy process? If yes, the time has arrived to get 15-minute loans from direct lenders.

Yes, getting loans early is the only practical solution to confront your financial emergency. We are the new-age lender committed to bringing funding solutions as early as possible.

We have prepared a wide range of quick loans to follow this objective. It connotes that you get the funds now. There will be no credit score issue and whether you are employed or unemployed.

Here are the glimpses of our loans ensuring cash in minutes for the aspirants:-

  • Personal Loans: Fulfil any of your personal financial need without any delay.
  • Bad Credit Loans: Poor credit is not a problem for us, as we are specialised deals on bad credit loans.
  • Unemployed Loans: We are all set to accept your part-time income or unemployed benefits to approve your loan application despite no full-time income.
  • Debt Consolidation Loans: You will be delighted to merge all your debts into a single loan within a few minutes.
  • Short-Term and Long-term Loans: Our varieties of funding options include both larger and smaller funding like payday instant loans.
15-minute loans from direct lenders

Why You Should Choose Us for Fast Cash Loan?

We truly represent a lending hub where loans are available on Easy Policy. We cannot replace mainstream lenders, but we are indeed their alternatives. Perhaps, we score more than the traditional lenders when someone wants loans in 15 minutes in the UK.

The primary reason for our inception is to present a platform where funding can be accessible for everyone on the same day. Therefore, we have set our loans on more straightforward lending terms that can be comfortable to everyone’s capacity.

At EasyPolicyLoans, loans are on BESPOKE deals, and approval chances are BRIGHTER. We offer instant cash loans on the following features:-

100% Online Loans

We accept only online loan applications because it is convenient for both of us. Simply complete a one-page application form and submit it.

Quick Loan Decision

Our loan experts do not hold the loan decision on your application. We are quick to our decision and will bring approval within a few minutes.

No Paperwork

When you apply online and get an instant approval decision, it means you do not need to waste time on the paperwork. Apply with no documentation.

Responsible Lending

We are the responsible loan provider in the UK. All the loan deals are suitable to an individual’s capacity and current financial circumstances.

No Hidden Charges

Surprising you with additional costs is not our culture. We believe in honesty and transparency while offering any short-term or long-term loans.

Loans for Everyone

We provide a lending platform where every homeowner or tenant feels eligible to get the desired funding. If you are jobless, then still you can apply.

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What do We Offer on Instant Benefit Loans?

Getting cash in minutes is what you desire. We know how difficult it is for you to get instant funding when an unexpected bill arrives, or your home needs an urgent renovation.

Managing these costs become challenging when you suddenly lose your job or run out of cash. In such a situation, approaching EasyPolicyLoans brings several advantages to your favour.

We convey several things that you will not find with other lenders in the UK. The most significant are speedy decisions and faster fund transfers on instant loans.

Whether you need funds to consolidate your debts or to pay medical bills, we take care of your each financial need. Here are some borrowing facts:-

Cash Loans Borrowing Facts
Loan Amount £1000 - £25000
Loan Terms 6 Months - 60 Months
Repayment Modes Fortnightly, Weekly & Monthly
Loan Interest Rates Fixed and Flexible
Late Repayment Charges £9 - £12 (depending on the loan)
Early Repayment Fees £0
15-minute loans from direct lenders exist

How do Our Instant Pay Loans Work?

At EasyPolicyLoans, our loans are indeed easy to apply. Thanks to our advanced online lending system, you may aspire to get a loan in 15 minutes, but we ensure loans in only 5 minutes.

We can handle hundreds of loan applications in one business day because we are 100% online. You do not need to indulge in busy paperwork. Instead, get funds on the same day the application is submitted.

There are indeed some eligibility pre-requisites that you follow. Although these are simple ones but include:-

Once you qualify for the loans, you can start the application process to get cash loans straightway. It includes the following steps:-

Fill the online application form: You can apply for our loans anytime and anywhere in the UK by using your computer or Smartphone.

Sit relaxed to receive our approval in minutes: We will quickly go through your loan application and send you a suitable loan obligation.

Watch the funds reach to your account: You can see after a few minutes, your bank account already have the loan amount.

Getting urgent funding has never been comfortable as before.

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Who can apply?

What Should You Know About our Cheapest Short-Term Loans?

When flexible lending meets with feasible funding solutions, you can re-stabilise your financial life. It is what we provide to our each loan aspirant when they want cash in a minute.

We have a simple and straightforward online application procedure that relaxes everyone. Besides, we offer only affordable loan offers where making timely repayments is not a burden.

Do you want to know more about our quick cash loans? Well, we have explained below some possible queries from your end.

Does EasyPolicyLoans offer loans to start-up businesses also?

Yes, our lending is both for personal and professional use. In fact, we have helped several start-ups when they feel some funding gaps during a significant event.

Can I Apply for Loans after Office Hours?

Yes, you can apply for our instant loans after office hours because our online system works 24/7. However, you need to apply as soon as possible so that we can consider your application first.

Can I Get loans on Benefits?

Indeed, if you live on disability benefits or unemployment benefits, you are still eligible to get loans on benefits. We take those benefits as a way of receiving loan repayments.

Do I Need a Broker to approach you?

Not at all. You can easily approach us whenever you want fast funding like payday loans in 15 minutes with no brokers. We believe in direct communication, and that saves money for you too.

Are high acceptance payday loans accessible from direct lenders like you?

High acceptance payday loans from direct lenders are not away from any risks. We have a much better option for you on both short-term and long-term loans. You can decide according to your financial need or situation.

It is the right time for you to leave behind bad credit situation. Move forward and get the cash in 15 minutes from a lender you can trust.

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Who is EasyPolicyLoans?

EasyPolicyLoans is not only your loan provider but also a reliable place where you get the right deals at the right time. We are the modern-day lender and deal with loan applications much-advanced manner. Therefore, you are already at the perfect lending hub to get loans in minutes.

We run our lending norms on the ‘A-B-C’ concept. Do you want to know what it is all about? Here we go:-

A- Affordable Lending

B- Bespoke Deals

C- Customised Terms

  • Affordable Lending: We do not prepare costly loan deals. Instead, we are your choice if you look for affordability loans with no credit check from a direct lender.
  • Bespoke Deals: We are committed to preparing personalised loan offers to depend upon your repayment capacity and current financial situation.
  • Customised Terms: We follow a flexible lending policy where everything will be according to individual circumstances. It is why our loan deals are the most affordable in the UK.

Whenever you feel nervous financially, you can contact us directly, and we will get back to you ASAP.

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How Our Customers Acknowledged Us

Our loans in minutes have financially helped thousands of people when they need us the most. See below how they have appreciated us.

EasyPolicyLoans and its convenient loan process have helped me a lot. I got financial help fast that I applied through bad credit loans. I extremely satisfied with the interest rates that I got.

--Adam, London

You provided me with the best lending service with fast payment as well. I found your loans quite helpful not only to me but for everyone. I will definitely recommend your name to whoever needs to borrow money faster.

--Kenny, Birmingham

Last week, I applied for debt consolidation loans from EasyPolicyLoans. I got the response quickly. After a slight negotiation with them, I got the right interest rates and manageable loan term. I really like the flexibility that you guys offer on the loan term.

--Andrew Smith, Manchester

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