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15 minute loans are short-term personal loans where the loan approval comes within 15 minutes if the application is accepted. These funding options are primarily the product of direct lenders, as they follow the online procedure with no paperwork

Financial emergencies often create a mess in your life, and you need quick access to funds. Availing these quick loans ensures that you get the funds within a short period without indulging in many formalities.

EasyPolicyLoans responsibly offers loans for everyone when they want to opt for borrowing from direct lenders only. This is irrespective of credit score history and employment status.

We bring an easy policy for loans where the availability of loans in 15 minutes in the UK is quite a possibility. Just apply at once, and you will see the difference.

  • High acceptance: : In comparison to the traditional lenders like banks, we can provide you higher acceptance on your loan application. Whatever your credit history, you have an almost 98% chance of loan approval with us.
  • Prompt & Proper Lending: When there are 15 minute loans for anyone, it means you have a better opportunity for prompt borrowing. We feel it is our duty to provide you with an instant loan approval and a full financial aid.
  • 100% Safe Loan Process: Trust is the pool of communication between us. We ensure that your application and personal details are safe with us. There is no third party involved, and you get what you want from us.
15-minute loans from direct lenders


At EasyPolicyLoans, you do not have to think over how to get payday loans in 15 minutes. Our loan procedure is quite simple and straightforward, involving easy-to-manage steps.

Application Form?

Fill a Single-Page Application Form

We understand that you need funds immediately as you are facing financial urgency. Thus, we keep only a single-page online form requiring only a few details to fill up.

Submit the Loan Form

Submit the Form and Wait for Approval

Once you complete the application form, submit it instantly and wait for the approval. We analyse your loan application without any credit check, and already, no paperwork is involved.

Get Approval

Get Approval in 15 Minutes and Same Day Fund transfer

After reviewing your loan application, we approve it within a few minutes, followed by a same-day fund transfer. It helps you to eradicate the financial emergency as quickly as possible.

The responsible lending platform that we provide in the UK makes it easier for you to get payday loans in 15 minutes with no brokers involved.

Online Loans - Fast Approval - Loans in 15 Minutes

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By looking previously at the UK marketplace, there has been a thought that loans in the UK within 15 minutes are impossible. It is not their fault because there are some lenders offering loans but in mere advertisements.

EasyPolicyLoans is the new-age lender. We are the alternative to conventional lending and the most responsible among the online lenders in the UK. Our borrowers have already appreciated our lending service.

We are among the most reliable 15 minute loans direct lenders in the UK because of these features:-

Easy Monthly Instalments

We have kept everything that favours you a lot. One of them is easy monthly instalments, which you can easily manage from your monthly income. We can even give you a carry forward option where you can pay it alongside the next month's repayment if you miss the repayment of this month.

Manageable Repayment Terms

We are unlike traditional lenders in the UK, as they usually have fixed repayment term. On the other hand, we offer flexible repayment schedules in which you have the freedom to choose the most suitable one.

Loans on Affordability

We only offer affordable loans where the amount, interest rates and repayment schedules are decided after analysing your income capacity and current financial circumstances. It also helps you in improving your credit record.

15-minute loans from direct lenders exist


When you apply for small loans, the biggest worry that you may have is a credit check. Assessing the credit score has been a vital part of the loan process. Most lenders practice this and may deny the loan application if there is a poor credit score.

At EasyPolicyLoans, we are here to remove that fear from your mind by offering 15 minute loans with no credit check. We know that no lender can provide loans without credit analysis, but we are ready to take that risk only for your convenience.

We can reckon your loan application without a credit check if you fulfil these conditions:-

If you fulfil all these conditions, we are ready with no credit check and allow loans in minutes for your financial needs.

Who can apply?


Unlike traditional lending institutions, there is nothing complicated here in terms of loan eligibility criteria, application procedure and approval. We have digitalised the lending norms, which are convenient for everyone to follow. We present a goodexample of easy-to-get 15 minutes loans from direct lenders.

Our easy money loans illustrate three conveniences, which are:

No Guarantor

We understand your financial compulsions. Therefore, we do not mandate to provide a guarantor while signing the loan contract. We offer the arrangement of "no guarantor loans for people with bad credit scores. The loan approval comes based on borrowers’ income capacity.

No Collateral

The loan approval within 15 minutes is even applicable without pledging any asset too. These are unsecured loans and do not add any risk of losing the collateral if you miss the repayments. Your income status will pave the way for loan approval.

No Delay

With us, everything comes instantly. Other lenders where the loan approval and fund transfer take a couple of days bring the same-day fund transfer. Most borrowers have appreciated our quick process.

What to wait for? Submit your loan query right now and get approval an easy loan in the UK within 15 minutes.


Are you worrying about qualifying for the loans in the UK available within 15 minutes? At EasyPolicyLoans, we are ready to assist you with crucial suggestions from our professional loan experts. We have a team of experienced loan experts who know how to make a borrower-friendly loan deal to counter any financial issue.

We do not need hefty paperwork but your efforts to apply most sincerely. If you do so, then you can easily qualify for 15 min cash loans.

Here is what you need do to avail instant loans in 15 minutes approval:-

  • Analyse your prevailing financial condition
  • Do not exceed the borrowing limit unnecessarily
  • Stay at your earning status while applying for the loans
  • Keep the income proof ready to save time
  • Commit to make repayments on time and improve credit scores

Fulfil these conditions and apply early in the day to get loans online within 15 minutes.


Lenders have always been in doubt while dealing with the loan applications of those with poor credit score. We are there for them and offer easy money loan options despite their history of a less-than-perfect credit score. We bring loan approval for them not based on their past credit; instead, the loan approval in 15 minutes is assured on current income status and credit performance.

Here are the top five features of our bad credit loans available in minutes online:-

  • Flexible Repayment Terms
  • Enhance Credit Score Profile
  • High Loan Approval Rates
  • Reasonable Interest Rates
  • No Guarantor and No Collateral

Financial opportunities are there if you positively find them. If there is an emergency, you have the option from us, like 15 minute cash loans. EasyPolicyLoans invites you to explore our short-term loans and long-term loans whenever you need them.

Online Loans - Fast Approval - Loans in 15 Minutes

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