Unemployed Loans – A Help When There is No Other Help

Unemployment is a temporary phase but needs immediate financial assistance. In the absence of sufficient savings, external support becomes necessary and unemployed loans can play the role of that support efficiently. EasyPolicyLoans provides funds for your tough times when the absence of a job or regular income pushes your personal finances to extreme limits. There is no compulsion to bring a guarantor, and it is your choice. If you want to get one, it is fine; if your individual circumstances are strong enough to prove to repaying capacity, no obligation is required.

We process the loan applications in a short while, and you get an instant approval decision on the fund request. The higher approval rate of loans is equivalent to a surety of attaining funds. In other words, you can take it as the guaranteed loans for the unemployed. A borrowing option with an assured acceptance is a big relief when you are in intense stress due to a money mess.

I am living on unemployment benefits – Can I get a loan?

Yes, you can get a loan while availing of unemployment benefits because we count it as an income. If that adds to your repaying capacity, we are really fine with this fact. Unlike others in the market, we do not reject an application just because an applicant is living on benefits.

Prime Features - Loans for Unemployed
Get money wihtout physical verification
No prepayment penalty
No late fee up to 2 delayed payments

You need to provide the following details to get unemployed loans for people on benefits–

Unlike the other borrowing options in the market, we never deny an applicant because of availing of any government benefits. We understand that the financial needs are much bigger than the limited help you may receive from a source. Besides, you cannot get the benefits for a very long time; there is a limit for that. The countless expenses make it necessary to look for additional sources of support. We can offer that comfort whenever you need it most. To provide you with the best possible deal on loans for the unemployed, we want your cooperation with stability on the payback capacity. Show us that, and we can deliver the reliable services that you can explore anytime.

Note – It is always advisable to have an additional income source during jobless days because if the funds you receive from benefits are insufficient, you may not get approval.

Do I need to pay hefty installments?

It is the most common fear of most of the jobless people when they borrow funds. But there are less or, in fact, no reasons to worry about the repayment part. The rate of interest is affordable in short-term loans for the unemployed , hich results in smaller installments.

Following features of our loans help you attain money with the stress of expensive repayments –

In any case, you do not need to worry about the repayments because the loans are designed to feed to instant requirements. For this purpose, they have to be uncomplicated to handle, and our quick loans for the unemployed satisfy that purpose successfully. If during the tenure you feel any difficulty in making repayments, we can always talk to set a new installment schedule according to your past payment record. We are always ready to help the borrowers who maintain a good payment history with us. In fact, with time to time exclusive offers, you may get new changes in the interest rates and can get a shorter installment.

Can I apply for unemployed loans with bad credit?

Normally, it is difficult to borrow money with bad credit when you are unemployed because both conditions create doubt on your repaying capacity. If you succeed to fulfillspecific terms and conditions, EasyPolicyLoans can offer you loans for the unemployed with bad credit and that too, with no guarantor. The final decision is always on how firmly you can complete the conditions.

With the following conditions, you can get unemployed loans with bad credit

The loans for unemployed in the UK for bad credit people are obtainable only with the above conditions. These are not difficult to manage with some effort and arrangement in your personal finances.

Our prospective borrowers need to share their financial problems with us. It helps us to formulate the loan terms and conditions according to their prevailing Concerns, Circumstances and Capacities.

Why Choose EasyPolicyLoans?

We have several features that accompany the emergency loans we offer to the unemployed across the UK. Here are some points to reveal why you may need us -

EasyPolicyLoans aims to help you when there is no other way to explore and exploit your financial needs. From electricity bills to monthly rent, all types of requirements can be fulfilled because there is no constraint of purpose. We are available 24x7 irrespective of bank holidays and festivals. You can contact us anytime and can borrow money whenever required. The online assistance team is always there to answer your questions. Call us and ask as many questions as you want because transparency and clarity are the two essential factors for a borrower.

Unemployed Loans FAQs

Can I borrow money if I am unemployed?

Yes, you can borrow money on your unemployment days. The direct lender provides its services to all the categories of the borrower. For example, a person who is not working can get an access to the flexible featured loans. The lender accepts income from other sources which an unemployed must be earning. However, by filling an online application, you can get an easy repayment process so that loan journey can be handled properly.

Where can I avail loans for unemployed with bad credit?

You can get loans for unemployed with bad credit from Easypolicy Loans. The lender will let your borrow a sufficient amount of money as long as you have a source of income, for instance, unemployment benefits or passive income.

Do I need a guarantor to apply for a loan when I am unemployed?

You do not need a guarantor to apply for a loan for unemployed even though you have a bad credit rating. You need to just prove your repaying capacity. Easypolicy Loans does not require a guarantor and yet offer the loan at lower interest rates.

How can I obtain an emergency cash loan with bad credit?

If you need funds for an emergency, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Visit the website www.easypolicyloans.com
  • Fill out the application form
  • Submit your income statement.

Once you do all these steps, you will get money immediately in your account.

How can I be Eligible for a loan with a low income?

Yes, you can get a loan even if you are a low wage earner. The lender will look over your income statement to find out how much income you have left after paying all your essential expenses like rent, utilities etc. The lender will decide the disbursal limit based on the surplus income so that you do not fall in debt.

Can I apply for a Short Term Loan with Bad Credit If I am unemployed?

Yes, you can get a short-term loan with bad credit if you are unemployed provided you have a repaying capacity. However, if you want to borrow a significant amount of money, you may need to put in collateral or arrange a guarantor with a good credit history.

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