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Short Term Loans from UK’s Trustworthy Lending Hub

Are you finding it tough to live with ongoing financial issues?

Have your desires taken over your needs?

Do you not have enough money to achieve everything?

These questions can sometimes become a challenge to answer, but not until the short term loans. Yes, the loans are the ideal reply to these queries because lenders are quick to respond, and so does the fund disbursal.

Whether there is a ‘need’ or a ‘wish’, these small lending options have the calibre of letting you everything for your comfort. Some of the exotic features of these personal loans are:

  • Loans for any purpose
  • Ideal for Fund Emergency
  • Easy-to-Qualify
  • Special Discounts for Existing Borrowers
  • Fewer obligations for first-time borrowers

As the responsive direct lender in the UK, we leave no stone unturned to offer the personalised deals on short term emergency loans. You can approach us through either website or Smartphone by sending a text to us.

Is The Right Moment To Apply For Short-Term Loans?

Whenever you feel overburdened with any funding issue, you can look towards us with the hope of getting short term loans on benefits, which are crucial for your financial constancy. We are blessed with experienced financial experts who frame borrower-friendly loan deals after analysing the individual’s circumstances.

These loans are perfect for the following circumstances:

To buy something: You can apply for the loans when you want to buy something that you need at most. It can be related to shopping for new clothes, to purchasing a new gadget for your home or office, to buy accessories or to buying course materials.

To pay necessary bills: When we talk about emergency, it can be anything like a sudden bill to pay. These days when the world is facing a pandemic situation, we also come in front to help via our loans to allow borrowers to pay their medical bills without any hassle.

To gift someone: Is a wedding of your close friend is just around the corner? If you are struggling with sufficient cash to buy a nice gift for your friend, then you can apply for easy loans and get the money immediately to surprise him/her.

Purposes are many to go for the short-term loans, but you should ask for the amount that is under your earning limit.

For How Long Can I Apply for Short-term Loan

Variety in the lending products and flexibility in the lending norms are two significant elements of applying for short term loans from direct lenders. However, the traditional lenders are also offering small loans, but their strict nature sometimes does not fit to individual’s requirement.

The online lenders gain the upper hand because they used to finalise everything after analysing the income capacity of the borrowers. We are on the same stage and offering bespoke loan deals.

To fit everyone’s need, we have differentiated our short term loans in four categories consist of amount and duration.

Loan Amount Loan Duration
£1000 - £10000 3 Months to 24 Months
£10000 - £15000 6 Months to 36 Months
£15000 - £25000 12 Months to 60 Months
£25000 - £35000 24 Months to 72 Months

A few tips for the borrowers:

What is the Short Term Loan Plan for People with Bad Credit?

Applying for the loans does have certain constraints, but we, being the trustworthy lending hub in the UK, ensure no-hassle comes to your way. Do you want a prime proof of it? Come online and to our website, and apply for short term loans for bad credit people.

Gone are the days when a poor credit history did have a sole impact to your changes. Now, you can get loan acceptance on other factors too such as your monthly income capacity. Instead, it has become an ‘opportunity’ to borrow money and to fund your financial needs. We accept loan applications irrespective of borrowers’ credit scores because we believe everyone has the right to borrow on his/her current performance.

The possibility of bad credit loans for a short term is achievable through two significant components:

When a financial emergency comes hard on you, we follow a soft approach towards your credit score so that you can instantly take benefit of our loan deals. This is why we are among the pioneers of short term loans with no credit check policy in the UK. We do not approach any credit reference agency, or if we have to do, then we will not share your score to any third party. Overall, it won’t make a huge impact on your overall credit profile.

Since collateral is not needed and no credit check is there, we used to approve loan applications based on the borrowers’ income status. We ask for your monthly and annual income, and based on it, we finalise the loan duration as well as the final amount to borrow.

Is the Presence of a Guarantor Compulsory?

No, we do not make the guarantor’s presence compulsory. On the one side, presenting a guarantor is far more beneficial in gaining low-interest rates. On the other hand, finding the right guarantor becomes a time-taking process because lenders only accept those as guarantors who have a good credit score and must be the homeowners.

Here, we are offering DOUBLE BENEFITS to our borrowers, as they can apply for short term loans with bad credit and no guarantor required. It is among those extraordinary things that any borrower would like to have while borrowing.

As mentioned above, our sole criterion to give loan approval is your monthly income. Keep regularly earning while applying for these loans and be eligible for obligation-free deals.

Does Easypolicy Loans Offer Multipurpose Short-Term Loans?

Easypolicy Loans are among those direct lending firms in the UK who do not leave any opportunity to serve almost every financial purpose of each borrower. We are passionate enough for our lending products, and thus, we include nearly every class of borrowers to offer specific loan deals.


For Businesses

Don’t be surprised to know that we are one of the most preferred online lenders for short term business loans. Other lenders have only specific loan deals for personal uses, but we have also included businesses, especially the start-ups in the UK.


For Jobless Individuals

We are the right financial companion to those with no full-time job in hands. We are ready to help them with our tailor-made short term loans for unemployed people. By applying online, they get instant funding access from us with no hassle at all.


For Students

When we include every borrower, we mean students as well. The educational aspirants often face financial constraints during their studies, mainly when they are living away from their families. In such a scenario, they can use their laptop or Smartphone to approach our customised student short term loan, and their bad credit scores do not create any obstacle.

The primary purpose of direct lending is offering the PROPER and PROMPT financial help to the borrowers. We live to this principle and vouch for the best financial assistance through our most useful tool called short term loans. Apply now and qualify for complete financial satisfaction in your life.

Short Term Loans FAQs

What are the short term loans?

Short term loans are the type of personal loans that are applied for the short period. They suit best during the financial emergency because borrowers can apply for them online with no or minimum documentation involved.

What is a short term business loan?

The short term business loan is applied for commercial purposes. Available online, these loans are applicable for funding needs like the expansion of business, increasing infrastructure, inserting safety gadgets in the office and many more.

Do short term loans affect your credit rating?

There is hardly a chance that short term loans affect the credit rating. Since the repayments are small of these loans, you can easily follow the monthly instalments from your monthly income. And that will improve your credit rating too.

How can I get a short term loan with bad credit and no credit check?

You need to approach a reliable direct lender to get short term loan on such exemption. The flexible approach of the lender can allow smooth loan approval. However, your income status matters a lot if not the credit score.

What Interest rate can I get on short term loans?

The interest rate on the short term loans differs according to the individual’s income capacity and current circumstances. We first analyse your earning ability and then finalise the interest rate, but that will be competitive enough in the market.

How can I get a small loan immediately?

By applying online, you can instantly get a small loan. Just fill out the application form on lender’s website, and you can get the approval within 15 minutes and fund transfer within 1 hour.

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