What are Bad Credit Loans?

Bad credit loans are the specified lending products applicable for those with poor credit scores. These individuals have done credit mistakes in the past but need quick funding to eradicate their present financial mess.

These loans fall into the category of short term loans and match exactly during the financial emergencies. In such loans, the lender does not consider the past credit as the loan approval criteria but their income status. At EasyPolicyLoans, we provide the exclusive deals on loans for bad credit. They include competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms.

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Benefits of Loans for People with Bad Credit Score

We are the responsible direct lender in the UK and offer bad credit loans on multiple benefits. We take care of individual circumstances and prepare loan deals according to their needs and necessities.

We know that many direct lenders offer bad credit loans, but our benefits make us different from others. Therefore, continue to read below and know which benefits are there for you despite less-than-perfect credit score.

Here are the loan benefits that you can obtain from us:

Will Bad Credit Rating Affect Instant Loan Decision?

No! Getting a much-needed financial help becomes mandatory when your credit rating is haunting your progress further. We understand that opting for traditional lending institutions like banks is what you do at first. Of course, they are your preferred choice, but it can be risky as well.

We do not check the credit score if the borrowers current financial performance is up to the mark. You should have paid all the bills on time and do not have to any pending loan repayment. If you do so then we are ready to approve your loan request. If we somehow have to do the credit check, then it will be soft one. It means soft credit check does not leave any footprint to your credit profile. It also creates the opportunity to improve the credit scores.

If you are prepared to avail such benefits, then follow the given below steps and start applying for the loans.

  • Visit the site www.easypolicyloans.com
  • Click ‘Apply Now’ option to proceed further
  • Complete the form with mandatory details
  • Mention the amount to borrow
  • Press on to ‘Submit’ button
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What applying for loans for bad credit with no guarantor favours me?

Finding the guarantor has been a problem for those with unsatisfactory credit profile. The problem becomes bigger when it consumes too much time. At the same time, it creates the need of bad credit loans with no guarantor. We have taken the initiative by providing exactly on the acceptable norms.

Applying for these loans bring a lot of advantages to your favour. These are:


You don’t have to waste time

Chasing your relative, friend or colleague and agree them to become your loan guarantor is a time taking process. On the other hand, your financial emergency does not allow you to take time. Thus, these loans are like the ideal product for you.


You become more responsible

You have submitted the loan application with only one signature and it is only yours. It means no guarantor and no co-signer is there. These loans will make you more responsible, as you will always remain sincere in making repayments.


You don’t have to reveal financial situation to anyone

The loan contract is between only you and your lender i.e. EasyPolicyLoans. Your financial situation and credit score will remain only between us. No broker is involved and no guarantor is which means your details are safe and secure.

Can I Borrow Even If I Have Very Bad Credit Score?

People often struggle when you have bad credit score. However, situations become challenging when someone has very poor credit score. If we go the traditional lending market in the UK, loan options are very fewer for these people. EasyPoliyLoans, as being the new-age lender, gives the equal borrowing opportunity to these borrowers as well.

We have among the top choices for those looking for very bad credit loans from direct lenders in the UK. We think you have the capacity of improving in your financial condition. However, you need to be assured on following points:-

Once you are clear to these pointers and prepared to apply, you do not need to approach any third person. We are the direct lender in the UK and capable of offering very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker interference. Seeking broker’s help will take our more money from you.

We are available online throughout the day to serve your financial purposes. Our team of financial experts has the readymade solutions for you.

Loans for Bad Credit People Loans for Very Bad Credit People
Amount borrow from £1000 to £10000 Borrow amount limit £1000 - £7000
No guarantor is needed Apply for very bad credit loans alone with no co-signer or guarantor
Competitive interest rates Slightly higher interest rates but reasonable to your pocket
The real chances of improving credit profile Best chance to get over CCJ and improve overall finances

Can I Get Bad Credit Loans with No Credit Check?

With EasyPolicyLoans, you can have a chance of getting bad credit loans with no credit check. It becomes possible only if you bring your loan application with a better current financial record. If you are recently performing well, we will not check your credit score. The no credit check factor is the best example of it. With Easypolicy Loans, you have double benefits, i.e. bad credit loans with no guarantor and no credit check.

We always believe that Credit check is good for judging borrowers’ financial profile. At the same time, it should not halt your chances of the loan approval. Therefore, we have opted of no credit check policy that has benefited many people living in the UK. Applying for our loans invites many things in our favour, such as:-

  • Better chance of making credit score amendment
  • Approval becomes more accessible than before
  • Ideal for first-time borrowers with no credit history

Easypolicy Loans always remains positive while helping people with various loan products. The short term loans for bad credit people can stable your finances and strengthen your grip more. Don’t wait, apply now...

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Bad Credit Loans FAQs

Will I qualify for a bad credit loan?

Yes you can qualify for bad credit loan by presenting the documents related to:

  • Income
  • Bank statements
  • Residential proof
  • Residential proof
  • Plus income from a rental property is also considered if going for a larger amount

Will I have to pay extra fees for Loan with Bad Credit?

No, you do not have to pay the extra fees to avail our bad credit loans. You only have to pay interest rates provided in the initial loan quote. We do not charge any pre-payment fees as well.

Can I get a loan deal where there is no impact on my credit profile?

It is vital to get your credit profile check first, but do not worry. There will be no impact on the credit score. Only you can have access to search on your file. If you have plans to borrow the amount from lending sources, then you can take a step forward to get an idea of whether how much money you can avail of depending on credit score.

Will I qualify for very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker?

Yes, you can qualify for very bad credit loans with no guarantor feature. The lender accepts the applicant with a flexible income approach. You can apply via income from:

  • Savings
  • Business profits
  • Rental property
  • Part-time work

Is getting Low APR on bad credit loans possible, and if yes, then how?

It depends on the financial record you carry on every loaded purchase. The lender can consider the previous history of your financial performance. Based on your current income, you can get a low APR.

What are the alternatives of loans for bad credit?

First, you can avail bad credit loan from online direct lenders. However, if you are still searching for alternatives, you can consider taking drafts, payday loans, or other short-term online borrowings as per the need of the situation.

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