An Easy Grasp Of No Guarantor Loans

Are you living with tough financial situations?

Is your profile red marked with poor credit score?

Are you doubtful for your prospects of availing a loan?

If your answer is in ‘yes’, then you do not need to fret. You are not alone considering the recent financial circumstances in the UK. Many people are facing credit score related issues and feel neglected in getting further loans. With every lender seems firm in not offering loans to people with low credit scores, yes Easypolicy Loans has specially designed no guarantor loans deals. These are enough to meet personal circumstances without any impact of your adverse credit rating.

What Are Non-Guarantor Loans?

The non-guarantor loans are the short-term personal loans that the lender approves even with no one is to co-sign and without any collateral. Sometimes, these loans also belong to unsecured funding sources.

The primary borrower holds the sole responsibility of making repayments on time, as there is no ‘third person’ involved.

In the UK, these are among the most applied small loans.

Can I Expect Fast Borrowing Despite Bad Credit And No Guarantor?

Anytime and anywhere you can get fast loans for bad credit with no guarantor as one of its main clauses. A financial emergency does not allow you to wait for the opportunity. Instead, it forces you to grab the alternatives whatever is available right now.

We are here for your financial rescue and can vouch for stability as well. As soon as you reach to us via applying online, we can immediately solve your funding issues.

For example,

If you send your loan application at 10:30 am, you will get revert till 10:45, and the fund disbursal at maximum 11:15 am. The whole procedure takes an hour maximum. It shows how 15-minute loans become the possibility of direct lenders in the UK.

Three main FACTORS that allow the loans on faster payout:


An Absolute Online Procedure

Like other locals in the UK, you must have been tired of the paper-based loan process. As being a new-age direct lender in the UK, we have brought out a complete online procedure where we do not need documents but only dedication to follow the process sincerely.


The Bonus of No Credit Check

Do you want a quick decision on your loan application? You get the same as we are here with our policy of no credit check while offering bad credit loans with no guarantor needed as well. There is no harm to your credit score because only soft credit enquiries are into practice.


Instant loan decision

We use online technology properly and let our borrowers avail loans with no fees and get an instant decision on their applications. Within an hour, the whole loan process gets completed, and on the same day, our prospective borrowers get an online bank transfer. Thus, meeting personal ends does not need days or weeks.

Who Are Entitled To Apply For No Guarantor Loans At Easypolicy Loans?

Besides people with bad credit score, everyone can qualify for our loans without guarantor despite receiving benefits as the grants. Unlike other private lenders, we do not hesitate to accept the loan applications of those borrowers, who are also receiving such assistance.

Surprisingly, we are ready to accept these benefits as the mode of making repayments. It offers direct advantages to those who are:


Unemployed People

Many people in the UK have lost their full-time job and struggling for funds. We have come in front to help them by offering customised loan offers on affordable interest rates. They can seek approval based on their part-time income on average £12,000 annually.


Retired people

Many retired individuals have certain goals to achieve, such as buying a car, moving home from one city to another or presenting a beautiful gift to their children or grandchildren. They primarily do so to keep their body active. The need for extra money may occur that these loans can fulfil.



These educational seekers are receiving additional benefits or doing a part-time job to ensure hassle-free education. Still, they need extra funding for which they can opt for borrowing from us with no need for any guarantor. They can pay university fees or purchase the study material for a new project through the borrowed amount.


Physically disabled

Inadequate income sources are the primary concern of these people. We are well-prepared to include them in the beneficiary list of our no guarantor loans.

Are Loans Without Guarantor For Small Business Available?

Unlike other direct lenders in the UK, we have released no guarantor loans for:

  • Small businesses
  • Start-ups
  • Existing ventures who want to add more infrastructure

The amount is finalised after analysing the total income of your company and the expenditures on monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

These loans will help you to:

  • Increate the infrastructure in your office
  • Expand the staff for more results
  • Relocate your company to another city
  • Manage the extra finance of locating one more branch
  • Improve the credit score of your business

With our backing of funds, you can quickly climb the business ladder and reach towards the commercial success.


Why Should Easypolicy Loans My Only Choice For A Direct Lender?




Our record in the UK marketplace has been entirely satisfactory. Many borrowers have shown their trust and don’t hesitate to refer us among the most reliable lenders of non-guarantor loans for poor credit people. Your confidence gives us the direction to work more and to ensure hassle-free lending for all.



We feel it is our responsibility to bring continuous financial help for any situation and any financial issue. As being a private lender, we aim to personally deal with your money problem and solve it as soon as possible. It is indeed a big onus on us, but we are happy to perform it. Gives us a chance once.



You won’t find our loan products entirely irrelevant. Our financial experts work only with borrowers and finalise everything that suits to their prevailing circumstances. We understand the importance of fast funding access. Thus, we make sure that everyone has the reach towards instant money to his or her bank account.



No loan deal can be effective until it brings desired results for the borrowers. Our each loan offer has the promise to the borrowers that their financial aspirations will be achieved and their financial needs can be fulfilled. The distance is only of a few steps that we have mentioned earlier in our application procedure.



It is not only our primary feature but also our aim of helping people living in the UK. The best example of this when we offer no guarantor loans with significant exemptions like no issue of bad credit score, no fees is the applicable and instant decision as to the base of fast approval.

Are you impressed? You should be because we give you these features on the complete guarantee. If anyone wishes for fast loans without guarantor from a direct lender, then their hunt completes here.

Loan Features Loan Benefits
Borrow Up to £10,000 No upfront fees
98.5% approval rate Same day funding
1 – 36 months repayment term Disbursal on affordability
Come online and complete procedure in a few minutes Paperless application
No credit score check Affordable repayment terms

What is No Guarantor Loans qualifying criterion?

To apply for loans without guarantor from a direct lender, you need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

How Loans without Guarantor Work?

Loans work through a simple and straightforward online system. Only easy steps to follow with minimum chance of making errors. Here are the steps:


Fill our online application form irrespective of what your credit score is.


You will receive an instant quote from us once we are satisfied with the details mentioned in the form.


Go through the quote and e-sign the loan agreement if everything seems fine. Your bank account will soon have the desired funds.

Connect us now if you want to apply for no guarantor loans from a reliable direct lender in the UK. We are the obvious choice for everyone carrying a poor credit score. Our loan products can convert impossible to possible. Apply and get funds now!

No Guarantor Loans FAQs

Loans without guarantor and credit check, are they right for me?

The answer can be in ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Yes, because such options give you the liberty to avail funds despite no one is there to back you and lender releases you from the stress of credit check. No, because these types of loans do have higher interest rates. Overall, availing loans will be better, as you can borrow funds comfortably.

Loans without a guarantor, will I be approved?

Yes, you can get the loans without showing any guarantor. There are many direct lenders, like Easypolicy Loans who may provide you with such options. If you have a good credit history, show the collateral, or have good income, then the approval chances get high. Make sure you check this thing before you apply.

Will I need to pay a fee if I have no guarantor?

No, you do not have to pay any hidden cost or upfront fees in case of no guarantor. However, the lender may charge you higher than the normal interest rate. If your borrowing history is good, then you can get the loan without any guarantor at the competitive interest rate.

How much amount can i borrow and what will be the interest charge on my loan?

You can borrow money from £1000 up to £10,000. The interest rate will be decided after reviewing your present financial status. You make sure that you are earning (either full-time or part-time) while applying.

What can I do if I am struggling to repay my debts?

In case you have multiple debts and find hard to manage them, then you can consolidate them. There are many loan options, like consolidation loan or no guarantor loan in which you can merge all the loans into one. When you do this, then you have to pay a single interest rate that can reduce the struggling towards managing the debt.

How do you get a fast loan with no guarantor?

You can get the fast loan even without any guarantor, all you have to follow certain steps:

  • You have to fill a simple online form with basic details
  • Once you fill it, then the lender will analyse it
  • If they find everything genuine, then you get the approval
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