What defines No Guarantor Loans?

No guarantor loans are the short term loans based on the principle of instant decision. In these small funding sources, one can lodge the loan application online with no documentation. The lender approves the loans on the repayment capacity of the primary borrower. It is always the best thing to have funds when you need them most. EasyPolicyLoans helps you attain those funds without any guarantor obligation through a simple, online application process. Chasing other people to take your loan guarantee is not possible when you are in an urgent need of funds. Therefore, you can apply for loans on your own responsibility. Individual circumstances are final decision-makers, and strong repaying capacity makes us approve loans irrespective of credit score status. Our reach all across the UK denotes that we do not have location biased choices.

Prime Features of No Guarantor Loans

The no guarantor loans are known for their flexibility, which comes due to the multiplicity of its features -

All the following features are applicable if the borrower has the strong repaying capacity to pay off the funds on time. We want to ensure the best experience for you, and for that, it is necessary to keep the loan products equipped with essential qualities that solve the concerns of the borrowers.

Tenure Short-term with a maximum tenure of 36 months
Loan amount (Minimum to Maximum) £1000………………….£50,000
Purpose No restriction of purpose, borrow for any reason
Required credit score No constraint, bad credit score accepted
Credit history length No credit history people can also apply
Fund disbursal time Within 24 hours after immediate approval decision
Documentation requirement 100% paperless procedure
Employment status No employment status constraint
Any fee No Fee required
Approval rate Higher approval rate up to 99%

What formalities do I Need no guarantor loans with poor credit?

Irrespective of credit score status, repaying capacity becomes the ultimate factor in deciding your approval status. With bad credit, you need to be a bit more careful about the financial details you provide to us. With a correct approach, obtaining loans for bad credit with no guarantor and no fees by the direct lender is possible. The stable financial capacity should be proved through the following factors -

Surprisingly, we are ready to accept these benefits as the mode of making repayments. It brings crucial benefits to those who are good in these criteria:


We serve scholars to students with an aim to deliver our financial assistance to maximum people across the UK –

Based on the employment status Based on credit score status Based on personal conditions
Employed Good credit score applicants Single parents
Self-employed Fair credit score applicants Physically disabled
Unemployed Bad credit score applicants Care leavers

What if I want to get no guarantor loans with no credit check?

Traditionally, a credit check has always been a mandatory practice under a loan process. But, indeed, the borrowers with no credit history or bad credit history cannot afford to have a search footprint on their financial records. To solve this issue, an alternative to a hard credit check known as a soft search can help you borrow money stress-free. EasyPolicyLoans offers no guarantor loans for bad credit people ; the same is for first-time borrowers. You do not need to pay any extra fees. In fact, your loan application will have an instant decision even if soft credit check is there.

Difference between Hard Credit Check and Soft Credit Check
Hard pull Soft Pull
In hard pull, the lenders take your information directly from the credit reference agencies, which leave an effect on your personal finances. When a lender of finance company checks your credit record in the form of a background check, it is known a soft pull. The record involves your financial details that are crucial for your loan chances.

How can I lower my repayments of no guarantor loans?

Most of our borrowers have this concern, and we take no time to guide them in the right direction. It is not a difficult thing to achieve, and you the answer to this question hides in your own personal finances.

To the applicants with a promising financial future, we are ready to give assured approval through guaranteed loans with no guarantor. We know how to satisfy our borrowers, at the time money, mess assured assistance is the best thing one can get.

I was rejected due to the wrong credit mix. Can I apply again?

Credit mix and credit history length are two important factors besides credit score; in fact, they are more significant than the credit rating. You can apply again for loans, we do consider the past mix of debts, but rejection is not the immediate thing we give. As we always say, the latest repaying capacity is the prime factor for us, and if you have that, we can mostly approve of you.

To help you maintain a good financial background, we will tell you what the right credit mix is –

If someone has a good credit mix, then it means a balance amount of installment and rotating credit. Excess of any one of them can cause a poor credit mix, causing degradation in credit rating. If your personal finances have more credit cards than the installment loans, it creates an imbalance. There should be a balance between long-term and short-term credit.

EasyPolicyLoans wants to prove the best option for loans without a guarantor by the direct lender in the UK. We are here 24x7 to send the money to your bank account after a small and speedy procedure. Come to us with any financial crisis, and we will turn it into financial relief in a short while. It is not just a promise but also a commitment. Our satisfied customers can describe well why you should trust us. Contact us, and we can help you with instant financial help.

No Guarantor Loans FAQs

What are no guarantor loans?

When you do not need a guarantor to back you during the loan application, then these loans are called as no guarantor loans. These are available online through the paperless procedure on instant approval decisions followed by timely fund disbursal.

Can I get no guarantor loans with very bad credit?

Technically, it is difficult to borrow money with the worst credit because it usually relates to situations like CCJ, bankruptcy and IVA. However, if you are doing well in paying off the debts with the creditors, you have a chance to get very bad credit loans with no guarantor by direct lender .

How long it takes to get no guarantor loans?

Normally, the borrower gets the funds within 24 hours. Until the personal financial conditions of the applicant are not poor, things happen in a short time.

Why no guarantor loans are affordable?

These are short-term loans for small needs, and they do not need to be backed up with any sort of security. The biggest reason is they are customized and are offered according to the current financial circumstances of the applicant. Stronger is your personal financial condition. Cheaper is the deal. With a good income and outgoing balance, you can easily get a lower rate of interest. As a result, the instalments will be smaller.

How can I get no guarantor loans if I am unemployed?

You need to show any sort of income source, but that should be authentic and provide a regular income. It can be anything from rental income to earning through freelance work. Also, you must be paid your recent bills on time. For this reason, we normally suggest applying for the funds just after the job loss or leaving the job. The income should be regular for the last 6 months at least. However, we have reduced it to the last 3 months during the current pandemic conditions.

What if I find it difficult to follow the current repayment plan?

It is not a big problem for us to handle such situations. If you find it complicated to follow the current repayment schedules, contact us and make a new repayment plan. We need to get to know about your circumstances at the right time because, in that case, we can change the repayment plan on time. After that, you can pay easily. After all, we are here to deliver you financial respite.

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