Long Term Loans - Avail with Lenient Lending Norms

Having trouble while coping up with the process of reimbursement of loans?

It is something money borrowers face frequently. Easypolicy Loans resolves the issue by providing its customers with long term loans with an extended period for repayment to ease the strenuous process otherwise.

The need for long term loans is often realised when someone is facing a severe financial problem. Unemployment, a significant loss in business, an extended bad credit score and many more are the issues that distract all your financial balance.

We, as a responsible loan provider in the UK, know all these problems of our prospective borrowers. By keeping in mind the condition and hardships of our customers, we provide the long term loans on low-interest rates. You only need to pledge the collateral and get the features like:

  • Lower monthly repayment
  • Lower interest rates

Since our inception, we are determined to offer you the best financial assistance that fulfils your need for a larger sum of money.We feel it is our responsibility to make your familiar with the features of whatever loan you choose. To take it further, here we are differentiating between two loans as an instance:

Short-Term Loans Long-Term Loans
Short term loans are the ones requiring payments within a period less than a year. Long term loans are the ones extending to a period that is over one year.
The interest rates in the case of short term loans are relatively higher. The long term personal loans attract low-interest rates for the borrowers.
Loans on a short term period are useful for smaller needs like a vacation, education, or medical bills. The loans over a long term period are suitable for needs like buying a new car or a new home or business.
The short repayment period can make the repayment process a little complicated to manage. Long term loans do not have such trouble for the loan applicants.

Benefits of Availing Long term Loans from Direct Lenders

Applying for long term loans from direct lenders like us bring several benefits that are ideal for your financial satisfaction and stability. We have classified some of the loan benefits according to personal and business purposes.

Long Term Personal Loans

Loans Term Loans for Business

Finding funds for a new business is always a “task”, and you do not know whether you should risk the money and time or not. In such a confusing moment, helping the borrowers is our primary concern. Thus, we provide loans to longer-term facilities that will assist you in locating your own company in the UK.

An issue of a poor credit score automatically emerges when it comes to unemployment. Exceeding needs and being low on income can be the reason for the same.

Unlike other credit lenders, we do not leave the hands of our needy borrowers at the time they need us the most. Aiming at their welfare is the job and the task. Without any bias treatment, these people are given approvals to their application for the long term loans in the UK.

Long term loans for bad credit people Are Accessible Now

We always believe in offering loans not based on credit scores, but on the current repayment capacity. Many people are there who have made past credit mistakes but they are good in their present times. They do deserve the chance of availing more loans.

We ready with specialised deals on long term loans for bad credit people. If not their credit scores, you can ensure the repayment with these factors:

  • Collateral, this should be equal to the value of the borrowed amount; or
  • Income, this should be on an average of £2000 monthly; or
  • Guarantor, you can have a guarantor that must have a good credit score.

We are not forcing you to fulfil all these criteria to get the loans with poor credit ratings. You can go through any one of them.

Long term loans for bad credit people

Can I look forward to no credit check policy at Easypolicy Loans?

Yes, you can expect every time to avail long term loans with no credit check facility. This feature makes us very different from other direct lenders in the UK because there are not many other loan providers who do not look at the credit history of the borrowers.

We are flexible in our norms, and these loans prove exactly with having two salient advantages like:


We do not reveal your score to anyone, as we do not refer to any credit reference agencies. If you know your score, then it would be better, but we are more interested in the other factors.


Since your credit score is not going to reveal to anyone, you have more chances of improving your ratings. Moreover, the long term loans allow you to repay in more extended terms.It becomes more comfortable for you.

Is No Guarantor Policy Available or not?

Yes, our flexible lending approach also makes no guarantor is mandatory, especially for the people with poor credit scores. It is going to be the significant relief for them because their credit score is not allowing them to arrange a person to take their guarantee.

Long term loans are only available most of the times after having guarantor’s signature. We follow a different approach and do not make it as an obligation for our prospective borrowers.

If you have a stable monthly income, you can take your own responsibility to repay and enjoy loan benefits for your financial interests.

How Do Long Term Loans Work?

We only deal with long term loans online that comprises of simple and straightforward steps, such as:

Start With Filling an Online Form

Start With Filling an Online Form

Initiate the process by visiting our website and filling out an online application form.

Complete the details and submit it

Complete the details and submit it

Your next step is to fill the form with mandatory details and click on to ‘submit’ button.

Wait for the approval

Wait for the approval

The approval comes on the same day of the application submitted because no guarantor, no credit check and no broker are involved.

Easypolicy Loans is the safe and secure lending hub to avail long term loans in the UK. With multiple features are already there, you cannot wait to obtain them. Apply now…


How long can I borrow for?

You can avail long term loans up to 96 months maximum. However, it depends upon your need, whether it is related to your personal aspirations or to fulfil the business requirements.

Is the interest rate fixed?

Our interest rates are generally not fixed. We follow flexible policies because circumstances and capacity differ from one individual to another borrower. If you want a fixed rate, we can make an arrangement.

How the approach of long term loans work?

Our primary aim is to bring relevant and reliable funding source for an extended period. These long term loans run on a simple philosophy, i.e.

  • Your repayment capacity
  • Your right financial goals

Discuss your goal with us.We prepare the apt deal for you.

Can I get a long term loan if I have bad credit?

Of course, the answer is yes. We have exclusive loan offers for these people without making anything mandatory. The approval is primarily based upon your income capacity and further the repayment ability. If you have a guarantor with a good credit profile, then it will also work in your favour.

How to Apply for Long Term Loans with No Credit Check?

Applying for the long term loans is as most straightforward as the short term loans. The procedure is online that includes steps like:

  • Apply online on our website
  • Fill the application form
  • Submit it and wait for the approval

We only need to prove your income status or if the collateral is there.

Is there any chance of getting long term loan with no guarantor?

Yes, you have the chance of getting long term funding without the backing up of a guarantor. You can ensure the repayment with either of these sources:

  • Your monthly income
  • Your business growth
  • Having a good credit score
  • Collateral of equal value is there
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