Olsen Breet is our in-house Financial Expert at EasyPolicyLoans, with more than a decade of writing for various finance companies in the UK. He has got this knack for turning even the trickiest money matters into something we can get our heads around. Before he started sharing his wisdom here, Olsen was playing with big numbers and advising on loans at a bank. He graduated from University of Glasgow, grabbing a finance degree before jumping into the deep end of the financial pool. Olsen's our go-to guy for making sense of market trends and is always ahead of the curve.

When you can think of borrowing a long-term loan 

They say loans are great when they come at a cheap rate. That’s understandable. As a direct lender, we have been trying our best to keep rates as low as possible. After all, our services are for our borrowers. We want to keep them comfortable from the beginning of the application till the process of […]

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How to pay off your debts and reclaim your finances?

Debts are a common part of everyone’s life. Here’s how you can plan to begin paying off your bills. This guide discusses various ways to settle debt and offers ideas to help you make a strategy that works and helps you reach your financial goals. If you use the ideal strategies, you can rapidly pay […]

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Essential personal finance tips everyone should know

Personal finance is a vital part of life, but people often neglect it. If you desire to be financially steady, you should have the skills to manage your money. With good financial management, you can: Get your funds in order Prepare for a better future Make better financial choices Financial choices will not seem difficult […]

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How to make money in today’s changing workforce?

Nowadays is not easy to earn money but if you do hard work. So will be easy to earn more and more money. With numerous new trends in the work environment, beginning your own business or rapidly discovering new ways to generate income can be scary. You may distinguish yourself in the job market and […]

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How can single mothers get emergency loans for childcare?

Unemployment can prove an utter (complete)shock to your finances. It not only impacts lifestyle financially but mentally too. Before such a thing happens, you should lead over your finances with an emergency fund. An emergency fund helps back finances with 6 months of savings. It is enough to surpass the stressful phase and meet urgent […]

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Marriage, funding

Funding a marriage is easier than you think with these 4 ways

Getting married? Really? Well, if that is true…then let us congratulate you (that sounds a bit poetic, though). Marriage is the gateway to a life you always have expected. But it is also true that marriage has its expenses. Getting married to the person of your dream and living the happiest life you have waited […]

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9 Smarter ways to preserve money during the festive season

There is no exception that it may seem quite barren just after the festive season when we look at our wallet. In such a condition, no other expression comes out instead of a sound of despair. Perhaps you are thinking then what to do during the festive season so that I can avoid such expression. […]

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Manage Cash Flow

How do you manage cash flow with security-based lending?

Ever wondered how the ultra-rich pay low-income tax? They don’t exhaust their savings but live on borrowed money. If you sell an appreciated asset, you get capital gains. But they don’t sell it. No gains. No taxes. And despite that, the assets keep growing. They spend more money, and banks grant flexibility to borrow money. […]

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Personal Loan, Personal Loan without a Guarantor

How to get personal loan without a guarantor?

Guarantor loans are losing popularity among the borrowers because of the available options. You don’t need to find someone to get a loan if you don’t have the perfect credit history. However, a proper strategy is critical before filing the loan application to boost your chances of approval. The online lending industry is the reason […]

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financial mistakes

What are the financial mistakes committed by the students?

Having a sorted financial foresight is always beneficial regardless of the profession. Many people do not have futuristic thinking in terms of finances and lack the art of financial management. Especially for students, it is very important to manage their finances well. Students should save a good amount for the emergency phase so that it […]

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