It is often said that it is of the essence. Some have even gone ahead and claimed that time equates to money.

Have you ever wondered why they say that?

I feel that it is to highlight the importance of time, which is the most significant asset a man has. Money gone can be earned back, but once the time is gone, there is no bringing it back.

Then why is that we have to wait days and even weeks to get the money we so desperately need; all of us have experienced it.

All of have been in a place in our lives when taking a loan has been the only way out. In a situation like this, waiting for a loan feels like losing the crucial time that could be used for problem-solving and executing the way out.

Why do the loan providers do not understand our situation, and why do they not act faster?

Here is how they might understand our conundrum.

The medical urgency

Sometimes we find ourselves in the most urgent of situations. Every time a borrower asks for a loan is not because he wants to buy a gadget or a car, they can wait. They are not urgent, but our health cannot remain.

My friend went through an ordeal like that.

She lumped her neck; she did not pay much attention to it since it did not hurt. When it started getting bigger, she decided to go to the doctor.

What the doctor told her shook her to her very core.

The lump was benign at that point, however, if left like that, it had a 70% probability of turning cancerous, and you know what happens.

She needed to have the surgery as soon as she could, and she wanted it right then. However, her insurance would not cover elective surgery, so she needed money for it. She could not wait weeks to get the amount, and thankfully she did not have to.

Easy money loans helped her get the money she needed in less than 24 hours, and the next day she had the surgery.

Can you imagine what the outcome could have been if she had could not get the loan on time?

The overwhelming need

The need for financial assistance can arise at any time. When it comes unexpectedly, that is when the need for a loan can become overwhelming.

Here is an example of the same.

I had been living in a flat for almost two years. I had talked to my landlord, and he was comfortable with extending the lease by another year. So, I did not look for any new flats. A few weeks before the lease was to end. He informed me that he had given the flat to someone else and ordered me to vacate my place in two weeks.

Finding a new flat in London that you like and affordable by you is not easy.

After exploring all of London, I did find one. However, there was a problem, the landlord needed six months’ rent in advance, and I did not have that kind of cash.

I did find a loan after searching through tons and tons of lenders online.

I knew a loan could save me from living on the streets because the payment was due the next week, and it most certainly did.

The Much Needed Understanding

I would be wrong if I said that every lender is opposed to providing loans that can be taken as quickly as the borrower wants.

This kind of understanding is less commonly found in banks, but direct lenders cater to every situation, and everyone needs the borrower may have.

The availability of bad credit loans online with an instant decision is proof of that. This kind of loan can be acquired in a matter of minutes, and nobody can stop it.

The answer to the question asked in the title is,

A loan should only take as long a time as the loan seeker can afford to lose, not a second over it.

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