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  • Olsen Breet
  • August 29, 2018

Your credit score is the representation of your borrowing nature. It shows accurately how responsible borrower you are. Usually, the lenders consider your loan request without a delay if your three digit score falls between the ranges of 881-999. If your credit score is between 561 and 880, then borrowing will cost you a bit high. And if you ranked below 560 then you are more likely to be rejected for loans.

However, the time has changed. Now, the three digit score will not rule on your ability to take the loan. Of course, the lenders consider your credit score as a signal of worthiness before serving the loans for bad credit people. But, there are other factors too. Let’s take a look at other factors, which can be seen as the indication of trustworthiness by the lenders:

Income: Apart from your borrowing record, monthly income is the most relevant factor that the lenders look for. If you have a steady income, your loan request will be accepted even with less than perfect credit record.

Age: Age equal to or over 18 years shows that you are mature enough to make the decision wisely. In fact, the lenders are also pleased to offer loans to those, who have a good ability of decision-making.

Financial Background: Financial background can also be a matter of concern. Of course, the loans are meant for financially vulnerable people. But, one must have the ability to afford the loan repayments. Besides, the lenders also want to know whether you are a tenant or homeowner.

What If You Do Not Maintain a Good Credit Score?

As a matter of concern, everybody is keen to know the importance of maintaining a clean credit record. Fortunately, the time has come where chances for acquiring funds are not slim for bad credit holders. But still, maintaining a good credit record is mandatory.

To understand the importance of a good record, it is better to know what harm a poor credit report can cause you.

  • Loan Approval

‘Your loan request is accepted or rejected’- the lenders decide this if you have a poor credit record. In fact, your adverse borrowing record decreases the chances of securing approval because the lenders look at your record before granting you a loan.

  • Rates of Interest

 A good credit score helps the applicants to get a loan on affordable interest rates whereas the rates of interest are high for bad credit holders. It obviously means that the people with a poor record will have no chance to save for future while repaying the loan with exorbitant interest rates.

  • High Amount Limit

With poor borrowing record, the lenders will consider you a risky borrower. And that is why they refuse to offer you a high amount limit. Thus, a good credit score will help you get the loan with not only the low-interest rates but also allow you to borrow a large amount.

  • Future Concerns

As the chances are pretty less that you can see yourself applying for an affordable loan product, your recent circumstances can make it tough to bring stability in the near future. The loans with a good credit score come in handy when you need and work effectively for your financial well-being.

Effective Tricks to Fix the Errors on Credit Report

Gaining a tag of bad credit borrower is like a curse even if loans are available to you. However, it does not mean that you have to live with this curse. In today’s time, bringing your financial life back to normality is possible by rebuilding your credit score.

Below are the few steps you can take to achieve the goals:

  1. Clear the pending credit card bills and loan repayments on time.
  2. Avoid missing any payment or making default on the repayments.
  3. Keep your expenses in limit and credit card limit low.
  4. Try not to apply for another loan until you pay off the previous.
  5. Opt for the small loan amount whenever possible.

Many financial companies including Easymoney Loan are providing their services on loans for bad credit. Today, the lenders are offering lending services without charging any upfront fee. Therefore, find your best deal and start working to improve your credit score.

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