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  • August 17, 2019

Everyone in this world has some long term goals such as higher education, paying off the mortgage, starting a business or retirement savings. These are the goals you want to achieve in the future and these play a crucial part to make your future bright.

Achieving these goals is not as simple as to get short term goals; it demands time and proper planning. These goals could take several weeks or years. Something for a long time means you might have to face difficulties to achieve it because you may face some unexpected expenses and you end up with all your savings.

This is a common situation because no one knows what is going to happen tomorrow. To provide you with the helping hand, many online lenders in the UK offer long term loans which can help you to achieve your goals.

Getting approval for long term credit is not as easy as compared to short term loans. You have to show them that you can easily repay the loan on time. The lender may ask for a prerequisite. Read the whole blog to understand long term loans properly.

What are the long term loans?

These are the type of secured loans. This is a loan that is paid off over an extended period, in most of the cases it sets as yearly. You can borrow a large amount which may vary from one lender to another.

The extended repayment period means you have to pay less every month, making these loans more competitive for many of the UK citizens.

Can I apply for a loan without a credit check?

Suppose you want to start a business and for that, you need funds for a longer period. You are afraid to opt for a loan because you have a poor credit history. Providing loans to those having less-than-stellar-credit score becomes a risk for any mainstream lender.

You don’t have to worry because many online lenders in the UK who perform a soft credit check. This means you have a great chance to get loan approval. Though, the interest rates may vary as compared to one with good credit history.

Can I get a loan with a guarantor?

If you are a person with poor credit history and find difficulty to get loan approval then providing a guarantor is the best choice for you. But you have to remember one thing that a guarantor must have a good credit history. This will not only help you get easy loan approval but with an affordable interest rate.

This is your responsibility to repay the amount on time. In case you fail to pay off then your guarantor might face some negative consequences.

What if I am one with bad credit and no guarantor?

If you are a person with poor credit history and no one wants your guarantor then you remain with an option that is Collateral. Not a single lender will provide a loan without any credit check and guarantor. As you know it is a secured loan and you have to put something as a security.

If you have owned a house then you can take a loan with a lower interest rate. This is not mandatory to put your house as collateral; you can use any asset.  

Benefits of long term finance

There are infinite benefits of these loans. Let’s have a look at them.

Large amounts: You can borrow a good amount to solve your financial problems.

APR: The interest rate is much more attractive than other types of loans.

Flexible repayment: Paying off the long term loan is quite flexible because of the fixed repayment plan; it will not disturb your budget.

Prepayment charges: Many lenders in the UK charge very fewer fees if you repay the loan early. Make sure you check how much they charge in case of early payment before signing a contract with a lender.

You can see how long term loans play a crucial role to achieve your dreams. You can use those funds to make your business successful or for college studies. It would be better if you use your money carefully and wisely to get the best out of it. You can approach many online lenders in the UK and choose one who is offering the best deal.

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