• Olsen Breet
  • July 23, 2020

Life can be more than unfair, fickle and downright brutal. We all know it, and yet we are still shocked by its unfairness and brutality, every time it shows its face.

There are hundreds and thousands of people who die every day.

There are millions of animals who are exploited and terrorised all across the world.

Some little children become orphans before they even get to know their parents.

If this is not brutally unfair, I think I might have the wrong definition of the word.

And the sad part is despite knowing this fact; we are unable to do much about it. Life will continue to dig a hole for us, and we will continue to fall in its traps.

However, we can ensure that we get out of the deep ditch and make a comeback that would give Thor an almost equal competition in strength.

Here is how you can do that.

Be a Realistic Optimist

Hope is one of the most significant assets in our corner.

The hope of living a better life in the future.

The hope of becoming your talisman.

The hope of surviving the present storm and seeing the rainbow.

When you have hope, you will put your best foot forwards, and your best is enough to tackle any adversity that you may face.

However, you should be aware that hope can also make people not see what they have right in front of them. Yes, being optimistic increases your chances of winning, but only when there is a chance.

For instance,

Loans are available for anyone who seeks them,

The ones who can turn the loan into the prosperity they had hoped for in their optimistic minds thought realistically;

And the ones who converted the loan in a never-ending cycle of debt and bad credit, they also had hope, but theirs was not realistic.

Losing touch with reality in your optimism can mean the doom for you and your dreams. You have to choose your battles wisely.

Seek Help, If Necessary

Knowing the exact point when you need help is also very important in turning things from glum and depressing to lavish and prosperous.

If you take help and it is not needed, the advice might you make your situation take a turn for the worse.

And if you do not ask for help and you need it, you will not be able to make a difference in your circumstances.

It is similar to taking on a loan when do you not need it, that way you will only add debt in your plate and not a problem solver.

Make a Plan and Make It Work

Planning is also very significant when things are not working out for you. And not just then, planning is critical in every phase of life, whether prosperous or not.

People have a study plan to secure a good grade in their education.

People plan the age they will get married and also when they will have children.

People plan their finances properly to have a secure retirement.

So, do you think closed doors can be opened without planning?

Even more than making a plan, its proper execution is essential.

You might have the most astute plan to lose weight, and it is workable as well, but if you will not stick to it like superglue, do you think you will be able to lose weight?

I do not think so.

Everything great that has been achieved in this is world, has been done because of a plan and the planner’s adherence to it. So, none of the closed doors can remain closed in the face of planning.

Perseverance is the Key

At last, you have to be persistent because life is not a walk in the park. You will most definitely not finish the step quickly enough on your first try. You might not even get to halfway after your tenth attempt, but you have to keep trying.

The day you quit will be the day you would forever lose, and life would win. And you and I both do not want that.

So what if you were fired from your job and are living on government benefits?

So what if your creditworthiness is so low that every lender you go to denies your loan application?

So what if none of your friends and family is willing to become your bailsman?

You are enough in yourself. Yes, finding the solution to your conundrum is going to be a road filled with disappointment. Still, when you will reach the end and get yourself loans for bad credit with no guarantor for people on benefits, you would be grateful that you persevered.

I would end by saying that optimism, planning and help will only work when you are tenacious enough to have the strength of breaking open every door that closed in on you.

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