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  • August 10, 2019

There are so many ways to get instant cash to get rid away from short term problems. You can apply for quick loans, doorstep loans, and payday loans. But there are many incidents happened in your life where you have to deal with multiple financial situations. In that case, you find difficulties to arrange money.

In such cases, loan providers give personal loans in the UK which are mostly unsecured. This means there is no need of providing any security or collateral. They will provide you sufficient funds to solve your multiple financial problems. But you must know the basic concepts of these loans.

A personal loan is considered as a universal purpose loan. You can use the funds wherever you want to, but in many cases, lenders may ask you the reason but it is rare.


There are so many reasons to get this loan. Generally, people apply for it when they purchase something or other expenses which may be too much for the credit card. Few common reasons are mention below:

Unexpected Expenses: Many situations occur such as replacing an appliance with a new one or home renovation which you think is too much for your credit card. In such scenario, personal loans are the best choice for you.

Big Events: Sometimes it happens that your savings are not sufficient to manage your big events like wedding, party or moving from one place to another. To cover remaining expenses, you let unsecured loan to do that.

Combine your debt: If you have more than one debt then you should consolidate it as soon as possible. It will not only convert individual payment to single monthly payment but reduce your interest rate too.

No Security

Personal loans are mostly unsecured; the lender will provide you loans without any collateral. In case, you fail to repay the loan on schedule time, then the lender has not any rights to take your assets instead of recovering the loan.  

However, it doesn’t mean that your act doesn’t affect you. The lender will send a report to credit agencies and this will reduce your credit score, and for that, you may face difficulties to get a loan in the future.

Amount is fixed

The amount depends on online lenders in the UK. The amount may vary from one to another lender. But before approving, they will analyse your credit history or your income; if they find your income source is quite attractive then they can provide you a large amount.

You can contact a particular loan provider and if they are ready to give you sufficient amount then go ahead!

APR and fees

In most cases, the interest rate for a personal loan is fixed. And sometimes it varies with time. The only negative side of the variable interest rate is that your payment may fluctuate with changing in interest rate.

If your credit score is good then you can get a loan in affordable interest rate. Also, the lender may charge extra pounds if you fail to make repayment on time. And it will affect your credit report too. Make sure you repay the borrowing amount on schedule time.

Repayment Period

The period is fixed in case of the unsecured personal loan. If your repayment period is longer, then your interest rate may be less but you have to pay for a long time. It would be better if you choose a loan for a short term period, this will typically reduce the interest rate. The repayment time may vary according to the amount you borrowed.

It is easier to get personal loans from online lenders in the UK. You can apply on mainstream banks too but they probably want to know your credit score and income source. If they find everything good then they will give you approval. But having less-than-perfect credit scores is common among the citizens of the UK and banks don’t provide loans to those with bad credit history.

Many online lenders are ready to provide you the loan. It would be better if you apply for a loan online. Though, you have to prove that you can repay on schedule time.

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