Wedding Industry in the UK
  • Olivia Elmore
  • May 1, 2019

The world population grows due to marriages and relationships. Every year millions of people decide to tie the knot before the world. Whichever corner of the world you go to, one custom will always be present: Marriage.

Talking about UK alone, more than a hundred thousand weddings happen every year. And with that, the average cost of a wedding keeps rising to reach new boundaries.

With each consecutive year, new experiences and decorations are being added to the wedding culture. Themes, cakes, decorations, dance numbers, colour codes and so many new imaginative ideas are poured into weddings, simply due to the fact that everyone wants a unique and memorable one.

To make you feel astonished about this celebration day business, here are some statistics taken from various online sources:

  • The wedding industry is valued at a whopping £10 billion!
  • The average cost of a wedding, from engagement to honeymoon costs around £36,000, all charges included.
  • With the increasing demands and imaginative ideas of the couples, the supplier costs have seen an increase of roughly around 12%.
  • Couples tend to spend an average of £2,700 on their honeymoons.
  • An average couple saves between £10,000 and £20,000 for their wedding day.
  • Engagement rings cost an average of £3,000 among the couples today.
  • Taking unpredictability into consideration, 47% of the brides are now purchasing wedding insurance.
  • Almost 50% of the couples take up tasks like preparing return gifts and even making their own wedding cake to save money.
  • The years have witnessed reluctance in couples while borrowing money from parents to cover the wedding costs. They rely on their earnings, savings and short term loans for bad credit for the expenses of their d-day.
  • Only 5% of the engaged partners prefer a destination wedding.

The Latest Trends

Have you seen the latest wedding pictures, or some pages on Instagram running solely based on wedding day ideas? You can literally surf through thousands of decorative and innovative ideas on the internet on a daily basis while planning your wedding.

The young couples in the UK have begun throwing a ‘theme’ wedding, based on both the interest of both partners. You can easily get pictures of Harry Potter themed wedding, a Game of Thrones wedding cake, a princess-tale dance and Cinderella’s gown.

The flowers at the wedding are being replaced by personalised favours and decorations. You can find the name of the bride and the groom engraved on a bottle or a piece of stone as a centrepiece. There can be pictures of their journey together placed on the tables, or maybe lanterns with their cut-outs.

Couples have even gone to the length of getting their romantic journey printed on pamphlets or invitations, or getting them engraved in their wedding dresses.

Everyone wants to add something peculiar and memorable to their wedding. Partners design souvenirs with their initials to give away to the wedding guests. The dance routine is still preferred to be given to a DJ or sometimes a live band.

From the design of the arch to the appointment of the person who performs the ceremony; everything has seen a turn of interesting events over the years. Couples now decide on spending what matters more and are smart about their choices.

The Option of Borrowing

No matter how much you save, weddings are expensive and this has been an accepted fact around the world. Unless you have a childhood fund for your wedding day, or you are a millionaire, it is likely that you will run short on funds while paying for the best day of your life.

You would be delighted to know that wedding loans have been very common in the country for some years now. You are free to avail an online personal line of credit in UK if you need. The option of online loans from direct lenders has made borrowing money quite easy and quick.

With a variety of bad credit and no guarantor loan offers, short-term loans are readily available with the online lenders and are equipped with instant approvals and less than 24-hour loan process.


Wedding is the most important day in the life of a couple, and each pair deserves a memory of a lifetime. While extravaganza is not pushed for, a decent celebration day of becoming one family is something no one should be denied.

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