Solutions for 6 Bad HABITS That Cost You Really Bad in Your Life
  • Olivia Elmore
  • January 22, 2019

Habit can be defined as the tendency of daily routine which is in a practice for a long time and cannot be changed easily. The habits are divided into two, good habits and bad habits. It is really difficult to implement good habits into life but unknowingly, a person addicts to the bad habits to gain more and more comfort. These cause financial losses from time to time, which cannot be identified in the initial stage but later on these can even become the reason for the bad credit.

In case, a person who has affected from the consequences of the bad habits in the form of bad credit scores fall in an emergency need of the fund, many financial institutions do not allow him to apply. Here, the direct lenders can help such people by allowing short term loans like loans for bad credit, loans without any guarantor, unsecured loans, loans with no fee and broker etc.

These loans are provided on the easy terms and conditions like no credit check, no documentation and no broker to provide ease to the borrowers in regaining their financial status.

Let’s discuss on 6 bad habits which should be avoided to take in practice daily:

  1. Eating out regularly:

Eating out has become old normal but doing it regularly is not the right thing if you belong to a middle-class family. Doing this activity on the daily basis may not show you the effect at the same time, but when you find your card for the emergency needs, you feel the differences, but still, if you are ignoring these cases then you are fooling yourself. Once you start taking the junk food, you will have to go to doctor randomly and this is another debit from your debit card which can even compel you to use the credit card on any day, you feel craving for it. In the end, you can feel the difference only in the form of bad credit scores.

  1. Smoking:

Smoking is dangerous for health. It should be avoided because it costs you high every time and every next breath of it is affecting your lungs. A smoker faces many health issues and it can lead you to stick in various debts. Avoid this habit and make yourself healthier.

  1. Boozing out regularly:

Boozing out sometimes may be considered as enjoyment but doing it regularly or even weekly is bad. With the very next glass, you become more capable to take more. This is how you waste your money and affect your health too with an extra doze of it.

  1. Shopping online without plans:

While using a mobile phone or laptop, when you are feeling bored or alone, you see various electronic gadgets to shop. Once, you go in the deep of it and find your card enough strong to buy, you make decisions without any planning and then the bad credit starts coming on your profile as you make it your habit. Utilise such time in doing some good activities like making a budget or watching useful things and then managing them.

  1. Ignoring the Gym Membership:

Every person wants to become strong after watching the favourite superhero. The vigour stays in the mind to become strong for a day or a week and then you go on instant and submit the fee. You think that starting from Monday might be the right decisions as this is the first day of the week. But the reality is many of the dreamers skip the memberships. This is causing you the harm. One side you are losing the opportunity to become strong and on the other side, you are wasting the money.

  1. Stick on the brand name only:

To satisfy your desires and maintain the image in front of society, you might choose purchasing brand names only. If you are not earning enough to purchase it then it is not a good habit, as no one will praise you when you will do it by borrowing the money and then the bad credit scores will ruin your credit report.     

How to protect yourself from such bad habits and their consequences?

Get short term loans, if you have taken many debts and repay them on the time to improve the credit ratings. Take a single loan for one time and even apply for it by doing extensive research on the lender to protect yourself from the frauds. Make a priority list of the expenses to make your financial planning well and then stick to it. Try to bring balance between the income and expenditure to avoid the financial misbalance.


Avoiding bad habits is indeed in your hands and if you are sincere to your lifestyle then they definitely do not trap you. Instead, if you start learning at the initial stage, then living a stress-free life will become a possibility once again.

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