Building A House For Your Dog
  • Olsen Breet
  • May 7, 2019

Pets are precious beings in our lives. Once we have them, we cannot get them out of our minds.

But love is a two way street, though the graph does not follow the rules in case of pets. In exchange of a pinch of love that you give them, they surrender themselves to you with open arms.

According to the PDSA Animal Well-being (PAW) report for the year 2018, 49% of UK adults own a pet, out of which 24% of the population are dog owners. The data translates to the existence of 8.9 million dogs as pets in the UK.

And when we have these many dog owners, think about the love for dogs around the country.

Owners provide for their pets in every way possible. They take care of their dogs like their own children. People have also been known to take personal loans in the UK for paying for their pets’ essentials. And which parent does not like a roof over their child’s head?

Dog owners are bent towards getting a home for their dogs: A personal, customised and perfect little home for their dog to have their own privacy and comfort. They even go out of their way of building one for their dog themselves.

For these enthusiastic dog owners and lovers, here are some useful tips for building a dog house for your pet. Give them a great deal of thought and incorporate them in your design.

  • SIZE: Before deciding the dimensions of the house, know the size of your pet correctly. Use a measuring tape to measure its height, length and width. Keep in mind that your pet might grow to a bigger size if it has not until now. Maintain enough room for your dog to turn around while exiting the house.

  • HEIGHT: Leave some head space for your dog. When you know the height of your dog while standing, leave around 2 feet above that in the house. This is done to avoid suffocation and feeling claustrophobic. Your dog should not feel contained in a box while resting in the house.

  • GROUND: Raise the floor a little from the ground to avoid pests and water from seeping in. A gap between the ground surface and the floor of the house ensures necessary flow of air and water below.

  • FLOOR: You should tilt the floor and the roof of the house. This is done to allow any accumulating water (from rain or otherwise) to flow out. You might have observed a similar structure in your house architecture too.

  • WALLS:  To allow circulation of air inside the house, drill nickel- sized holes in the walls. This becomes necessary to avoid heat from getting trapped inside. Many dogs do not do well in warm temperatures. You should make sure that it is pleasant enough inside the house.

  • DESIGN: An owner knows his dog inside out. When you are aware of its likes, dislikes, habits and fears, you would have no problem in designing the house around your dog’s convenience. The colour, shape, space and details should depend on its choices, and not just yours.

  • PAINT:  It is important that you keep the house insulated. Avoid painting on the inside of the house. Just paint on the outside walls and roof, with a colour that your dog loves, and with a paint that keeps the house insulated.

  • CLEAN: You will need to clean this house as often as your dog takes a bath. Keeping this in mind, it is recommended that you use materials that are durable and easy to maintain. You can consult the internet or the hardware store to help you out with materials and convenient options.

  • DECORATE: Make it a point that you add your dog’s favourite accessories. They may have inclination to certain figures or items. Design the interiors while making room for their dear toy or security blanket. Adding a personal touch to such a special gift will fill your dog’s heart with joy and affection.


Be creative and innovative while sketching up the blueprint of your dog house. Try to provide provisions for maximum comfort for your dog. If you find yourself lacking skills or funds, make use of unsecured personal loans to give your pet the best. You know your dog deserves it.

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