• Olsen Breet
  • August 12, 2020

Rent is a big expenditure. Despite earning a good amount of money, fear of being unable to pay your rent on time always crawls at the back of your mind. After the outbreak of COVID19, you were put under the lockdown and many of you lost your jobs. Thanks to the government support, no tenant is to be forced out of home and landlords are to give three months notice if they intend to take the possession.

During the COVID19 crisis, tenants are floundering like fish without water because first they fear that what if their landlord would ask them to vacate the property and second they do not have enough money coming in to pay rent on time.

When you are already suffering from making ends meet, rent puts additional strain on your back making you frustrated. When you know that the situation is not under your control, you need to have patience.

Rent was already a problem with a lot of people, but COVID19 has skyrocketed it. Though it seems hard to pay rent, you cannot escape it. As long as you are using someone’s accommodation, you will have to pay rent. Here is what you need to do when you need assistance with paying rent.

Review your lease

First off, you should look at your lease. It will provide you with information about your rights when you are unable to pay rent. It can let you know about the options available to your landlord to collect rent, the term for serving eviction notice and above all grace period for collecting rent.

When you know your rights, you could fight for them if your landlord takes advantage of your adverse situation. For instance, if you are given a one month eviction notice and your lease has the clause for three month notice period, you can ask your landlord for allowing you to stay two months more.

Talk to your landlord

As you know that it is quite harder to rent another house because of COVID19 crisis, you should talk to your landlord. Understanding the situation, your landlord would be able to change his mind. Talking to your landlord will benefit both of you. Explain your situation, for instance, if you have lost your job or running out of money due to any reasons, you can ask them to pause rent payments until you get back to your feet.

If it is not possible for them to accept this offer, you can ask them to accept rent in half until you land a new job or your financial situation heal. Whatever the terms your landlord agree with, make sure that all of them are in writing. Having them in writing will prevent you from altercation down the road.

Since landlords know that everybody is going through the pandemic crisis, they would willingly negotiate with you. However, if your landlord has paused rent for two months, for example, you can take out bad credit loans to fund your rental payment in the third months if your financial situation does not improve.

Seek aid from legal organisations

If you do not pay rent, landlords can throw you out of the house, and in some cases, they do not follow the terms expressed in the contract. If they want you to vacate the house, they would just order you to get it done. Do remember that they cannot kick you out of the property as long as the lease is in place irrespective of whether your landlord is an individual or corporation. They must provide a notice.

If you are facing eviction, contact your legal aid organisation that can help you understand your rights and how you can dispute the eviction notice if the landlord breached the contract.

Such organisations are non-profit organisations and hence you can easily afford their fees. However, if you still have some problems to get these services, loans for everyone are always there to help you fund your needs.

Emergencies can happen any time and they can quickly derail your finances especially if you are living from paycheque to paycheque. A single unexpected expenditure can make it hard to pay rent on time. If you are also going through this scenario, you should talk to your landlord to negotiate or contact legal organisations in case of unfair treatment.

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