• Olivia Elmore
  • September 16, 2019

Many people think that cyber security and information security is the same thing and they are synonymous to each other. Though they are right as these two terms are closely interrelated and cannot work as a separate entity yet there are few differences between them.

Cyber security and information security have some similarities and when combined they can provide maximum protection and efficiency. Despite some similarities, there are some differences between them which we will go through in this article.

Information Security

It can also be referred to as IT security or data security. Through this, we make sure that all the information and data available in an organization is safe and protected. It protects all electronic data along with physical data. It includes different processes and procedures to ensure the security of all the information.

  • Prohibits unauthorized access
  • Prevent misuse or destruction of data
  • Don’t allow disruption of data

The main purpose is to maintain integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility of information. And this is essential for any organization to ensure that the quality of information has not been compromised along with keeping a check on the confidentiality of personal and valuable information. All the information should be available to the only authorized person.

It is very easy to protect physical data by keeping it in locked but electronic data and information need greater protection.

As discussed above, it includes various approaches and technology to guard all information and data.

  • The password to get access to a particular file. An organization has to make sure that all personnel use password protection for all the electronic devices and for establishing any connection with the network.

It allows the security of data while maintaining its integrity and quality. Incorporation of these security measures minimizes security risk and misuse of any confidential information.

Cyber Security

Its main purpose is to protect information from unsolicited access gained through cyberspace i.e. through the Internet. Unwanted access can be in any forms of a cyber attack which can either steal our private and confidential information or destroy the data available on our system.

By implementing cyber security measure we ensure that nobody can access our confidential and private information without our permission. It limits or prevents the possibility of an attack. With the necessary precautions in place, all the information and data of a company can be protected.

Cyber attacks are not only related to stealing our information and misusing them. Attackers can hack your system and hijack it in order to get some money from us. They can even get full control over our network. Hence, it is always advisable to avoid using suspicious websites or mobile apps that contain viruses.

Highlights of Differences

Information Security Cyber Security
It protects electronic as well as physical data. Protects only electronic data
Secure confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information Secures valuable information from attacks and hacking
Protection from more set of threats Protects only from cyber attacks
Focus on protection of information only Focus on protection of networks like Intranet, servers, etc

Hence, we can say that information security and cyber security go together. Both are very necessary to protect the information of an organization. It is imperative to implement both security measures for any organization to make sure that all channels and networks are fully protected.

Information security and cyber security must be incorporated for any business to flourish. It is necessary to conduct a security risk assessment and based on the outcomes we can implement the required security measures.

It will protect your business and confidential information, enable personnel to work freely, and build confidence in customers regarding your business.

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