• Olsen Breet
  • February 25, 2020

Even though you love the home-cooked meal, you will fancy dining out, especially on special occasions like a birthday and wedding anniversary. However, you do not need to wait for a special event to dine out.

Restaurant food may be soul-satisfying, but it is ridiculously notorious for being costly. After ordering champagne, spicy cumin lamb skewers and Spaghetti Bolognese when the time comes to foot the bill, your elation vanishes into thin air forming the clouds of worries on your face.

Dining out is a part of our culture, but it is still expensive. Your food bill adds an indirect cost of all facilities that you enjoy there. The average household spends over £3,000 on footing restaurant bills.

It is quite high, especially if you are relying on unsecured personal loans for bad credit to fund your major expenses. Further, the price range varies from location to location. Well, if you want to enjoy the restaurant food within budget, you should follow the following tips.

Choose a restaurant offering free appetizers

Some restaurants provide complimentary appetizers to entice people to get in the door. It is an excellent strategy to boost business. Make sure that you place your order after finishing appetizers. You will not be as likely hungry at the time food comes to your table as at the time of ordering appetizers.

Avoid eating out on holidays

Valentine’s Day and New Year Eve are some of the occasions when restaurants are bursting at the seams. It might be tempting to pay a visit to make the evening memorable, but prices go through the roof. On top of that, you will have to wait for a long time to get served that is seriously annoying.

Likewise, you should avoid going to restaurants at weekends as much as possible. Rest days prices are down compared to weekends, and you will be able to enjoy scrumptious food with peace.

Get restaurant coupons

Having a coupon before going to a restaurant can help you save a lot of money. With such coupons, you can save at least 10% on your bill. There are some sites having coupon deals offered by different restaurants in your area. Some deals will help you get 25% off the face value.

Make a dine out a budget

One of the significant ways to whittle down spending on restaurant bills is making a budget. Since it is for pleasure, make sure that you give priority to other expenses. Make a list of all expenses like utilities, loans, credit card bills, travel and take a proportion of savings and then see how much you have left. You may set aside enough for two or three visits to a nice restaurant. If you make a budget, you will be able to stop yourself from spending more than your pocket allows.

Prefer casual dining

It is not set in stone that you have to make each visit for fine dining. If you have a family, it can be costly. A casual dining establishment provides delicious meals within a budget. However, when you have a special occasion, you can go to a top-rated restaurant. Make sure that you do not go beyond your budget.

Avail BYOB

If you are fond of wine, you should see if the restaurant has BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) facility. You will save a significant amount of money. You will pay a corkage fee that varies between £10 and £20. However, some charge a higher amount. Remember that the corkage charge depends on the size of the bottle.

Be careful with the proportion

When you order food, you will likely get more than you expected. Restaurants generally serve at a large platter. Consider your appetite at the time of ordering. If you need more, you can ask for it again, but it will not go wasted. If you want to drink wine, have some room in your stomach for it too.

Restaurant bills are shockingly high nowadays, but you can avoid shelling out money if you use the tips mentioned above. Whether you prefer a casual dining or fine dining, make sure that you stay within your budget. As long as you know the spending limit, you can save a lot of money.

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