• Olsen Breet
  • September 13, 2019

Nowadays, employment has become a serious problem for every country. And they are finding different ways to reduce it. But still, the unemployment ratio is constant, which makes the work more difficult. The best possible way to reduce unemployment is to create jobs. Obviously! But the question arises, how to create jobs?  

It is not a short term problem. People are continuously struggling with finding a qualified job. And for this certain period, dealing with the expenses becomes a challenge for them. Moreover, it is not that difficult if you have an emergency fund. But still, it may happen that you need more money either for your job or for household purpose. You can take help from online loan providers, who offer quick loans for unemployed because, in this situation, you may not get any assistance from mainstream lenders. They might reject your application because of not having any proper Source of Income.  

For any country, removing unemployment plays a very crucial part in economic development. There are certain changes that the government can introduce to increase labour such as:

  • Introduce policy regarding seasonal unemployed
  • Change the technique of industry 
  • Increase employment exchanges
  • Population control
  • Increase in production

These are the steps that could be performing at a high level and only with the help of the government. But every policy mentioned above has some pros and cons and using it as a long term solution only a probability. It may happen that the country will again have to face unemployment. 

There is one best and effective way through which the unemployment ratio will reduce. But it is ignored by the government and that is an expansion of HEALTH CARE AND EDUCATION. With this, it will not only support the human capital but it will generate a good deal of employment opportunities. Let’s understand why it is effective and essential.


Health Sector: Not everyone is blessed with a healthy body. Sometimes people have to leave their job because of their poor health and with that, they are not receiving a good medical facility. If the government or companies provide good medical care to their employees, then they will recover fast and get back to their job. So, it is very important to consider the health sector and the Government should introduce the policy in which people below the poverty line can access free health treatment. 

This is the reason why health plays a crucial role in unemployment. If someone is healthy, then they can do any type of job with their full potential and contribute to the development of the company too. 

Education sector: We have mentioned this after medical because it is something which will indirectly help to reduce unemployment. Let’s see how improving the education sector can bring down the number of jobless people. 

We have mentioned some reasons with solutions due to which student fail to pursue their dreams: 

Reason #1: Low family income

Not everyone has a strong financial condition. They hardly arrange money for their household expenses. In this situation, investing money in education becomes a challenge for them. 

Solution: The government must provide financial support to these needy children who really want to pursue their dreams and want to achieve something big in their life.

Reason #2: Study in a field which is not interesting

Many times due to family or peer pressure, students have to choose something in which he/she has not any interest. And because of this, they could not able to give their cent per cent. 

Solution: Family support is important for any student. It will help them to study a subject in which they have an interest. 

There are few other points that a school must consider i.e. they must continue their studies during crisis and conflict, provide quality learning, aid students, who want financial help and introduce courses that can help them to sharpen their skills. 

You must have known how education and health can contribute to remove unemployment. Though it is not a single day’s work, it will take time but it is a long term solution. Every country’s government must work hard on their education and health sector. 

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