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  • Olsen Breet
  • November 17, 2018

Do weekends seem more stressful than weekdays? If your answer is ‘Yes’, then the reason might be cleaning of your bathroom. Who else wants to do manual hard work after spending a week in the office? Of course, no one likes to spend his or her weekend in the bathroom. But, your sinks, showers, tubs and toilets deserve special attention.

To release stress, planning a weekend trip is no doubt a good idea. But, keeping your bathroom moisture-resistant and hygienic is as necessary as weekend plans.

If you are fed up of scrubbing your old bathroom, then the time has come when it requires maintenance. Nowadays, it is also easy to get loans without guarantor. Now, you need not worry about your finances. Then, what are you waiting for?

To Begin, Start Imagining

Imagination has a huge impact on what we actually do. That is why it is good to start imagining of having mold free and pleasant looking. Once you make an image of a hygienic bathroom, you will then better start working according to your thought process.

You should, in fact, convince yourself for renovating your bathroom, which is the only way to save time and reduce a headache.

Remove the Yucky Things

Imagining is not enough. Now, you also need to think about what you should avoid having in the bathroom. Obviously, no one likes grime on the shower screen and spending hours cleaning it. From toothbrush to tiles in your bathroom, everything requires a special attention.

Cleaning a bathroom is not a fun time. To reduce your burden, you should start eliminating the undesirable things such as:

  • Water damages the edges of floor standing vanities. Instead of these cabinets, you can switch to wall hanging bathroom cupboards.
  • Heavily framed shower screens usually attract the grime. Near and around the frame stain starts building up.
  • Very small tiles on walls and flour seem to be a magnet for stains, grimes and germs.

Tricks For Better Look

Nowadays, plenty of designs and materials are available in the market. To give your bathroom a pleasant look, you can get these designer and modern showers, doors and toilets.

Here are a few tricks to help you give a better look to your bathroom:

  • Removing the yucky things is just a start. You can replace the heavily framed showers with the fibreglass showers to avoid the clouds of dust and grimes.
  • Cleaning up the toilets is not people’s good idea to spend the weekends. You can use the modern toilet sit parallel to and against the back wall. This way you can avoid the narrow space behind the toilet.
  • The glass is much easier to clean. The more glass you have, the less grime and germs you need to clean.
  • You can grow the plants in the bathroom. It sounds silly but it is an amazing way to make your bathroom look pleasant.

Of course, scrubbing your bathroom on weekends is not something you enjoy. Now, focus on keeping your bathroom easy to clean and ensure the hygiene with the above-mentioned tricks.

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