• Olivia Elmore
  • April 12, 2019

The journey of completing the improvement on low credit score can take good time. It is because you have to be properly grounded with the good source of earning. Most of the time people without having a basic knowledge on how to make it clear, they keep on applying the formulae that in order to improve it “a bit from every month” shall be paid. But hey! This should not be the way to deal with bolt of poor credit score. Now, your next human question should be what is the correct way then? You must be make yourself aware with the fact that to follow the ride of improving your credit score you must know all the basics from each aspect.

Let just set an example with the options, like no guarantor loans, that why it is mandatory to make a map of your journey to make the credit score back to its positive numbers. The concern is serious because until we set a major example no individual bothers to give a thought about it.

What is the piece of advice she shared?

Whenever you plan for any of the borrowing make sure that you have construct a design of repayment to cherish the feature of an easy repayment mode. Only having an earning source is not the solution to enjoy the flexible repayment. You must concentrate on the planning by making the bullet points which you resolute to follow.

Explain the role of policy first,

She used the policy of the direct lenders which offered a feature of no guarantor that too on low credit score. With the help of simple application procedure, she was able to get an instant disbursal because she had a good source of earning. In addition she got the flexible interest rates also and that helped her to use the money wisely on each and every corner. Therefore, just because she did not planned her duration of the loan policy she struggled in the journey which she can use it to make the credit score better.

Let just bullet some points, which Mrs. Olivia could have opted for:


The importance of savings is realised when you have already standing in between the circle of problem. It can be said that if she had saved some amount then she could have used that in terms of returning the amount on time. Or at least the borrowing amount could be minimised so that it becomes easy for her to handle the loan policy in a decent way.


The planning of budget was also being the option which she could have opted before applying to the loan policy. It is advisable that planning of budget can give you the idea of how much you could have borrowed the amount. It can also help you to manage your regular expenditure and can bring you on the track of only required purchases instead of making lame expenditure.

Time management

The significance of managing time can make the person learn what to mark the priority which could have assisted her to manage till the end of the loan duration. Not only that, it is the best teaching which could have organised her other task apart from the repayment zone.


It is pertinent to mention about the lack of knowledge when you apply for the policy. The poor credit score asks for special attention of the borrowers so that they can manage their planning according to the goal of making it into a good credit score.

Wrap up

The importance of having learning before, applying to loans for bad credit is crucial because it can give a major stress if not corrected on time. Therefore, even if you are getting the loan policy with flexible features, you must keep in mind that your planning before the borrowing is very much significant to end the duration of easy repayment successfully.

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