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  • Olsen Breet
  • November 1, 2018

Want a taste of luxurious life? Believe it or not, but you don’t need to have millions to live like the rich or famous. Most people dream of flying in luxury once in their life. Of course, you might want to experience the flying first class. However, the price of premium air tickets may compel you to break your budget.

Nowadays, it is hard to fly at the front of the plane without breaking your wallet. At this point, you may think of skipping the idea of going first class and choose to economical option. Why don’t you think that you are amidst the clouds and pampered with exclusive snacks instead?

Wondering what happened? Unless you are financially secured, it is difficult to afford the cost of a first class seat. This is the case even with domestic flights. But, this is not something that you should be worried about.

Here are some effective hacks that help you go first class on a budget:

  • Loyalty

    A few people know that spending a lot of time and cash flying with one airline counts in your loyalty account. The regional business development director for Trip Advisor Flights says- ‘one should join a frequent flyer club. When airlines are oversold, they will consider their most loyal passengers in the first place.’ In short, loyalty matters a lot. But, since you do not travel in business class, maintaining loyalty might be difficult for you.

  • Get A Travel Credit Card

    Being a frequent flyer, you are going to miss the offers if you do not own a travel credit card. You may get the decent deals on your existing cards but it won’t bring you frequent flyer benefits. There is no doubt that these benefits are useful when you want to make future bookings.

    Gathering the decent rewards with travel credit cards is possible. In fact, you can use these rewards one day to fund the cost of first-class flights.

  • Look at the Upgraded Rates

    Getting a premium ticket straightway can cost you more than upgrading your economy ticket to first class. Do the research and look for the upgraded rates of different airlines. Book your premium ticket at desirable rates after checking out the upgraded rates. For this approach, you have to do thorough research. This way you can experience the first class flying.

  • Adjust According to the Dates

    You are more likely to get the best offers on premium bookings if you are flexible with the travel dates. You can in fact book the air tickets when travel dates are low in demand. Adjust accordingly and pick your travel dates wisely.

  • Book Premium One Way

    Round trips or two first class tickets seem pricey for someone, who is a frequent flyer and prefers to travel in economy class. However, you need not to lose heart here. You can book a premium one way instead of two tickets. And, you can save on your return flights by travelling economy one way.

  • Seek for The Loans

    Covering the expenses of the first class is not an easy task. If you are still unable to buy first-class air tickets with the above-mentioned tricks, you can seek for the loans. Borrowing funds from the external recourses will indeed ease your financial burden.

Of course, it is not going to be easy to fly first class on a budget. But, efforts can make everything possible. These tricks are useful and make it possible for you to go first class without spoiling your budget. Now, put your efforts and you will be one step closer to your plans.

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Since you can easily avail a loan to buy air tickets here, you will not face any inconvenience in travelling business class. Now, you can get cosy and enjoy the luxuries while flying high. If you are on your honeymoon, it is worth to go first class and comfortable your journey by making it a memorable one.

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