• Olivia Elmore
  • June 22, 2016

It is of paramount importance to have good credit. When it comes to transforming your credit situation, it won’t be easy either. To maintain a consistent credit, you must be disciplined and patient. Here are 3 simple effective ways, which can be of some assistance:

1.) Look for errors and mend them now!

All the three credit rating agencies – Equifax, Experian and Callcredit are entrusted with the task of providing your credit report. They are bound by the law of the land to provide the report for a nominal fee. Once you get the report, make sure to review it for any errors or mistakes. Watch your spending history and that of the repayments you had made on previous debts. In case, you come across any wrong information pertaining to details such as your address, wrong account information and missing payments, then notify the concerned lending agency without any delay. This way, you make the information available to the concerned lenders, who are looking for additional details.

2.) Make sure to pay back on time

The most ideal way to improve or rebuild the credit is possible by ensuring to payback the debts on time. Well, you have to check if the lender makes report about the payment activity or not. Nevertheless, your primary task is to clear the dues on time. It does not really matter, if you are making payments on loans, mortgages or credit card. What really matters is that the payment must be on time and complete. This in turn increases your credibility as a borrower. A borrower with good credentials is always sought by the lenders.

3.) Become a registered voter

Of course, details related to your financial behaviour find its way into the credit report. But what really works in your favour is the electoral voter status. If you are a registered voter, the lenders will use this information to verify information related to your name, address and age. If the credit rating agencies are not having your registered information on the credit report, it means the potential lenders will never get a chance to know about your true identity and may not be forthcoming to release the funding you aspire. Instead, go ahead and get registered at About My Vote. This will surely help you convince the lenders to consider your loan application.

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