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  • December 6, 2019

County Court Judgement is not less threatening than walking on a two-edged sword. It is baggage of pathetic situations that keep crossing your way in every second moment of financial life. Such situations are always accompanied by a very poor credit score due to derailed payment history.

The financial companies try to act ignorantly on your existence in the world. They have no credit card, loan, insurance or anything to offer. Obviously, such situations can make anyone feel invisible from the planet because you are devoid of any financial assistance.

The conditions in CCJ are crucial but ‘struggle’ is the only option for you. For that, it is necessary to keep the weapon of information ready, as it is your only support to bring back some positive changes in life.


It can be hugely relieving for any person to know about the possible ways to erase the misfortune of CCJ. Here are some practical ways that can literally help to get rid of the mess.

Pay the debts within one month of the judgement

Many people are not aware of this fact but it is true. Paying the debts within one month of the County Court Judgement can remove the CCJ details that show on the financial records.

  • You need to inform to the court through the creditor that you have paid the debts. Otherwise, the CCJ mark will keep showing on your records.
  • If the creditor does not inform the court, you should do that on your own. For that you will need proof of payment and a fee of £15 will be charged. The fee amount can increase or decrease a bit.

Wait for 6 years and the stain will remove automatically

According to the government rules on CCJ, the record of such judgements shows for 6 years. After that, whether the concerned person has paid the debt in full or not, the details will eliminate from credit records. This is, however, not a very advisable option, as this will keep you in the clutch of the complications for years. With this embarrassing mark, you cannot exploit any financial opportunity.

Take the specialised loan products that assist during extreme financial conditions

Nowadays, the next-generation online financial services have become the new saviours. Finance companies are playing the role beyond their stereotypical nature. For example, the online lending companies do not only sell loan products but do much more than that.

Through the loans, the direct/online lenders are serving to certain conditions. For example, when CCJ situation is backed with very bad credit loans it helps people loosen the grip of tough times from their financial lives. The loans provide funds to the borrower on lower rates with customised repayment plans. By the way, the loans come with no guarantor obligation and no broker interference.

The borrower can take money to pay a part of the debts, but the other role is much more useful. As the loans are customised, it is easy to pay off the instalments on time and with every timely payment, the credit score improves. Isn’t it great? This solves two purposes, first, the person gets money to pay off a part of the pending financial commitments and second, improvement in credit score happens.


To avoid problems you also need to know about the myths that are prevalent and may obstruct your way to improvement.

#Myth – You can avoid CCJ if you leave the country

Every country has its system to deal with people with poor financial habits. For instance – you are in the UK and have a court judgement against you. In case you shift anywhere else in the European Union, your creditor can apply for a European Enforcement Order. The same type of arrangements is applicable in every country. The better thing is to pay your financial obligations and do not try to escape.

#Myth – CCJs affect only to the people with lower income

The actuality on this myth is, the people with lower income are more prone to CCJs. However, even big business owners can be on the same boat if they fail to make payments. For instance – failure to make timely payments to the suppliers.


The above information is sure to be your guide if you are looking for an escape window from the CCJ. Keep trying in the desired direction and maybe a bit late but the circumstances will surely improve.

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